Can these arcade sticks be compatible for xbox one?

before we start this, these are the arcade sticks i use for the ps3, pc and trying to make them work on xbox one.

I’m not familiar with the pcb on them but i have seen this crossbone on focus attack which does seem interest and wonder if it’s worth a shot on modding both my arcade sticks with the crossbone pcb, i know i need the ps360 pcb for it to work but not familiar on where to place these two when modding or soldering them?

if you guys know a link on how to do this then i am open for suggestions on this and i have killer instinct on xbox one

I have a hori real arcade stick pro 3 ps3 , and mad catz arcade stick pro ps3… i use my phone to take the pictures so i hope you can see well on the insides

also do i need a mic pcb for chatting, if so what do i need?

You don’t need a ps360 for the crossbone, you do need an xbone controller pcb though. And yes, you could dual mod those with the crossbone & xbone pcb. You need to understand dual modding before attempting any of this: Dual modding 101

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  1. Prepare yourself:
    Firstly, read this:

The whole thread, not just the first post. Know what you’re getting into. Despite the fact that the crossbone simplifies the padhack, IT IS STILL A PADHACK.
It’s not plug and play, it still requires soldering experience and you’re still going to irreversibly sacrifice an Xbox One controller to do it. Also, it’s still pretty easy to mess up on the contacts. The Xbox One PCB is split across 2 PCBs and the Crossbone only mitigates the padhacking on the top one, you still need to hack into the triggers and one of the face buttons yourself and they’re awkward to get at, moreso than on an xbox 360 controller.

If you haven’t at least padhacked a modern PS3 or XB360 pad before doing this, consider asking a local modder to do it for you. They could even dual mod it to accommodate your PS3.

Find other modders here:

If you do go ahead:


  • Crossbone
  • XBox One Pad
  • A set of .110 QD connectors for the buttons
  • A set of .187 QD connectors for the stick
  • A multimeter
  • Soldering Iron etc
  1. Pick your stick.

Personally, I’d go for the RAP, due to the space inside.

AFAIK, that RAP doesn’t have a headset jack, so that might also influence your decision.

  1. Prep your stick.
    3a. Remove the QD’s from the buttons and the lever so that they’re all still fitted to the PS3 PCB. That way, you can coil them up into the corner of the case in a ziploc bag and retroactively dual-mod at a later date. No point gutting it for no reason!
    3b. Drill a space for a headset if your case doesn’t have one. If it already has one, remove the F-Jack and fit a new one, or desolder the old one.

  2. Prep the Xbox One PCB
    4a. Remove the PCB from the Xbox One controller, plenty of youtube vids on this.
    4b. Follow the Crossbone Installation Instructions (The Crossbone, Xbox One padhack with minimal effort), taking extra care when soldering the triggers and the B-button at the XB1 PCB end. They SUCK.
    Again, read the full tutorial completely, as your approach to the triggers will affect how you config the Crossbone further down the line.

  3. Audio
    Either take a multi to the audio I/O on the bottom of the XB1 PCB to determine where to extend your audio from. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, simply plug your headset adapter into it and use the standard lineout to extent the audio to the jacking point on your case.

  4. Fit your shiny new QDs to your buttons and lever and fit to your Crossbone. You can either solder them directly to the PCB, or you can solder screw terminals to the Crossbone and screw the QDs in place (recommended).

  5. Mount the PCB
    Personally, I mount them with sticky-back ziptie mounts, feeding the zipties through the PCB standoff holes, since it’s easier to remove. Ideally, you want to use sticky-back PCB standoff pads, which will fit through the old standoff/screw holes on the Xbox One PCB. However, if you chose to be lazy with the audio I/O, then you might need extended standoffs to accommodate the massive lump of plastic hanging off the PCB.

  6. Close and test

interesting i’ll spend some time reading this to know more thanks

well to be honest i’m not sure, I don’t have any fighting games on xbox 360. only ps3… i thought evo or competitive tournaments was putting fighting games on xbox 360… but then again last time i saw ssfiv, blazblue, tekken on ps3 when i was there on colorado cutthroat c3 convention

but i do want to focus on xbox one for killer instinct… about the mic in pad hacked xbox one, are you talking about the headset adapter xbox one or use the chat mic that came with the xbox one when i purchased it?

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alright then i’ll to buy another headset adapter

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very well, i just need to save up to get the crossbone kit and test it on my madcatz arcade stick first then the hori… but i hope it not a dumb question but for the headset adapter on the pcb xbox one pad, how will i connect the jack in there if it’s going to be inside the arcade stick?

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ok now i see except how will the crossbone pcb and xbox one pad pcb hold when it’s inside the arcade stick… tape?

Haha oh dear, feel like I’m falling down a rabbit hole here. Consolidated everything into a comprehensive post at the top.

alright very well, i just need to just on my budget to start this. i’m willing to take my chance on this. thank you :slight_smile: