Can these moves be punished?

Just wanna know if you can punish these moves on block (including air blocking) without XF or crossover counters. Would also be nice to know if they leave the player at an advantage or not.

-Vajra on point
-Vergil’s Helm breaker
-Trish dive kick
-Frank west knee drop
-Frank west S
-Frank west’s zombie swing thing, dont know the name but its the one where he pulls out a zombie then swings him around and throws him.

Frank knee drop is +4 on grounded block; as such, I recommend chicken blocking it since it’s hell of telegraphed.

SO LONG! is like +a million, who even knows, either be Ghost Rider and hit him out of it or get ready to eat some dirty shit.

Frank launcher is -7 on block. A fair number of characters can punish this but not all.

Vajra divekick is also -7 on block.

No idea on Vergil/Trish.

so i dont even need to chicken block to punish vajra?

And is there any good counter against frank’s giant swing (i think thats what its called)? A friend of mine use it to end a block string, i cant punish it on block, push blocking is slightly better but the throw at the end still pins me down. And i cant seem to press a button without getting hit by it which can then be followed up with frank’s launcher.

Vergil’s Helm breaker is 0 even on block

What characters do you play?

Vajra :h: is punishable, but you need to do a standing block (not a crouching block). That way, there is more time between when you exit block stun (because Strider makes contact with you earlier) and Strider’s recovery.

Zombie Toss is very safe on block.

Trish Dive Kick is +12 on grounded block. The only way to really punish it is to do a neutral jump so that Trish whiffs under you and then you can begin to attack. If you go this route, make sure you have a normal that covers the area underneath you (Wesker j.:s: or Dorm j.:s: for example)

Helm Breaker is 0 / +2 (the difference being if in Devil Mode). The only consistent way I know of punishing it is to dash under so it whiffs and then proceed from there. If you chicken block, it may be much more punishable because you eliminate most of the block stun.

two teams i usually play are thor/ammy/dormammu and jill/dante/magneto

Vajra can ether be punished standing or chicken blocked. Personally I’ve had little success standing, but maybe I just think I’m standing. :rofl: Either way, chicken blocking is your best bet. If you’re too late you’ll just get a standing block anyway.

Vergil’s Helmet Breaker is completely safe on block. Even if you chicken block it, and I’m not even sure if that works, it can be canceled into a safe teleport via a single button press.

Trish dive kick can only be punished by XFC. I don’t think chicken blocking makes it unsafe, just not so advantageous. Try to make a habit of it though, or just neutral jump as someone else mentioned and punish.

Frank West’s Knee Drop may be punishable via chicken block. To be honest, I can’t say I’m sure. In general though, either chicken block or dodge as much of the aerial stuff as you can.

Yes, Frank’s S is punishable. Now, depending on how he did it, you may be left at a range where you can’t punish. It’s also only -7, so characters like Dante can’t punish it. Most characters can though.

Finally, Giant Swing is +23 on block. GGs Capcom. In all seriousness though, he needs it. He’s a rather plain character without a move like that.

ok thx for the info.

You can grab him out of the H one for free every single time. Start mashing on back or forward + h as soon as the kick lands on your head.

Most of the other moves are pretty safe on block or can be cancelled into stuff. You just need to respect them or anti-air them, but that’s easier said than done.

Just to be clear, can I grab him as soon as he appears, or is it block, then grab?

Block then grab.

Chicken blocking Trish’s dive kick makes it punishable with a throw.

Unless the other Strider is also mashing grab, which there have been some cases of throw breaking but I think it depends on whether you chicken blocked or standing blocked or w/e.
If enough Striders keep getting thrown maybe a good portion of them will learn to stop throwing out random Vajra H’s for no reason.

You can also punish Vajra H on anticipation with certain hypers, like full body hypers or hypers that go upwards, like Super Skrull’s Inferno, Thor’s mighty tornado, Storm’s Lightning Storm/Ice Storm etc.

In regards to frank’s zombie swing the trick is to advance guard him right before he starts it so beginning hit whiffs then just and maybe not punish but at least get on the offensive.

for jill Feral crouch H all day