Can this be avoided?

I’ve been playing arcade mode for a while unlocking all the characters and there’s this one move that the end boss, Yami, has that I can never seem to block. In his third form (the ball with the hand) he activates a super move where he reaches his hand back and then swipes it quickly forward, grabbing the character, throwing him/her on the wall and blasting him/her with a line of fire for about 5 seconds. It becomes a pretty big problem for me because I play characters with low stamina most of the time. So I was wondering if this move could be avoided, and if it can be, how do you avoid it?

You can just tag out as he swipes and you can avoid the attack, and if he does manage to grab you, just Megacrash.

Yeah basically save 2 bars to megacrash that thing cuz it huts like balls.

Super jump at the right time

Super Jump as he swings his arm back initially.

Problem solved.

lol 3 answers at the same time… anyways yeah just super jump as he swings his arm

Alright. Thanks to everyone for their tips XD