Can this be possible

I was in training room today practicing my FADC>Ultra and I was wondering if it possible to do normal dash, charge db, FADC>Ultra. I could not do it , is it impossible?

Monsterer! What’s up?

I am Gurizee on PSN, we had a beastly Guile mirror about a week ago and haven’t fought since.

Back to topic, this is covered in depth in the movesets and attrubutes thread Page 13 has a nifty little graphic depiction of different dash supers/ultras.

Short answer, yes it is possible.

I tried it today in training room and it didn’t come out once. I also tried it the regular way, FADC>ultra, and it came out every time.

sup monsterer? we were having fun playing you on sun. night.

hey what do you mean WE? I did play Aero and another guile from here, both better than me. I have faced 4 guiles from this forum so far, all pretty good. And two of them owned me with Bison, is there a pattern from guile> bison?, seems like who ever is good with Guile, is 2x better with Bison.

yeah me and a friend and others were here kicking it drinking and playing. my friend plays bison, he messes me up a lot. we were both taking turns. there was lag so i didnt play as well but still ggs

LOL, no wonder, well thats my 1 mb connection, Internet in mexico sucks. Your Bison friend is pretty good, I have a friend ranked 111 on PSN that mains Bison and owns me even worse. One time , he asked me, why dont you play Bison, he is also a charge character, I said , I simply like Guile eventho he is low tier and has dissadvantages, so I asked him, why dont you use Guile, he says, HE IS TOO DIFFICULT, that made my night for the 0-10 record against him.:xeye:

Lol, Monsterer my Guile friend, you’re getting around. You are one tough guile and will only get better now that you have the TE stick.
Every time I see your name pop up I can’t help but think "HE’S A MONSTA!"
Looking at these other guys make me wonder how good with Guile they are.