Can this computer not run ssf4 properly?


Can this computer not run ssf4 properly?

Ok guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but im really frustrated

I bought this computer yesterday$pcmcat212600050008&cp=1&lp=1

And at lower resolutions I can get 60 fps but then the size of the screen does not match my monitor. at 1980x1020 i can only get 30 fps and its unplayable.

even when i do get 60 fps the screen kind of fickers on this one horizontal line when the charachter moves.

Is my comp just not good enough? I seem to have better specs than recommended so what gives?

Thank you VERY VERY much for any help


I want to recommend that you return it and build one yourself with help from, but if you don’t want to go through the trouble, the first thing you should try is updating your drivers here. Even with the PC you bought, I’d expect better performance, but I’m not really familiar with the graphics card. You could always upgrade the graphics card, but overall, you’ll spend a few hundred more than if you had built the PC yourself (which isn’t that difficult).

The flickering you refer to is probably screen tearing, which is normal. You can turn on vsync in the ssf4 video options to fix the tearing, but it will induce input lag.


I really dont get this :frowning: kof 13 runs flawlessly tho. cant even get 60 fps with lowest settings


I have an HTPC with an A10 5800k, otherwise similar specs, which is not much better than your computer, and it runs the game at 60 fps just fine at 1080p. iirc, setting the sprites, AA, and vsync down to lowest is what did the trick (you should be turning vsync off anyway).


moving to tech talk

For future reference, HPs basically suck donkey balls. They are bottom tier computers. If you can still return it, I’d research the market a bit more thoroughly and get something better.

If you can’t, HPs/computers bought at best buy are usually totally loaded with random bloatware. You probably have 8974918421 CD burning software packages and other such rubbish sitting idle in your system tray. If you have a computer literate friend, you might ask for some help.

That computer doesn’t run a proper video card. It’s integrated to the motherboard. That usually means “don’t game on me”. To give you an idea, that card seems to perform worse than cards that were new three years ago, to put it in perspective. That being said, it ought to be able to run SF4, I think. Make sure you have the most recent drivers installed for it.


Most modern PCs can run Street Fighter VI without issues,
That said Trouble Brewing is right that HP is crap.

For good PC gaming you want a dedicated Video card


1980x1020 (Do you mean 1920x1080?) is a high resolution. Select something smaller with the same Screen ratio, only one I can think of off the top of my head is 1440 x 810 (Not sure if SF supports it, just using it as an example).
As stated turning down AA will help too and options will really help too.

Im on my mobile so I cant check your link to the HP, but if it does not have a dedicated video card, you will not have much luck trying to push the Graphics settings on high.
Other games may run fast, but SF has a lot of eye candy you can disable.

The flickering you are describing sounds like V Sync is not enabled and you are seeing screen tearing.

You really need a video card that has the ability to do fast 3d to push high quality gaming graphics. You cannot get around that. it does not have to be expensive, but it does need to have the correct minimum specs.
Excuse any stupid typos or grammar, Im on a bus :wink:


Clear your comp of bloatware.

Check your graphics drivers. My laptop hits 170fps plus on the benchmark, but got bogged to <50 when I reinstalled Windows but without the latest drivers.

720p id all you really need for SF4. That’s the arcade standard and the game is most optimized for that.


Yea i dont mind not being 1080p but all the other options are different screen sizes and make the game look odd. got rid of bloatware day 1 and i updated the graphics drivers - same issue :frowning: idk how to ensure all my drivers are up to date? like which ones, if any besides graphic card.


At the bottom of this list, if you click on software, you can see all of the useless junk HP installed on the machine. Are you sure you got all of it off?

Other than that, try lowering resolution, but if that doesn’t work then something really is wrong.


what do you mean different screen sizes makes the game look wrong? Pick something with the correct ratio.
1280x720 is a good start as stated by d3v.


I have a HP from 2008 and I can still run Street Fighter IV fine, after I installed a $50 graphics card. You have to adjust your settings. 1280X720 is a good resolution to begin with.
Shouldn’t your monitor be able to resize the image to fit the full screen even at lower resolutions? Play around with the options.