Can this damage my stick?


I dropped my ps3 on the floor and afterwards I tried playing with my hori stick plugged in. The beginning was fine but then 2 of my buttons were “switched” even though I did not remap them.
Some time later my ps3 just froze. I also felt some of my inputs had delay. Will using my stick on my damaged console and those things happening cause any type of damage to my stick?thanks


I feel it very unlikely a loose button wire will short out the PCB in the stick and damage your console
But I take a look inside and see if anything seems to be loose. Button wiring is easy to set back into place.

What were you doing when your PS3 froze?
How old and what model PS3 you have?


naw your stick should be fine. your ps3 might be busted though. the hdd is usually the first to go on those kind of drops, but can be replaced. if you attend a tournament in the near future you should look into having a modder replace the ps3 cable with an xbox 360 break-away one.


Like coffee juice said, I busted my ps3 first by dropping it waist height. I then proceeded to use my 100% working stick on my damaged ps3. Because my ps3 was just dropped on the floor/damaged, input delay and 2 of my buttons switching places occurred.
I’m asking if I plug in my non damaged stick into my damaged console, will it damage my stick


I didn’t see you dropped the PS3

Your stick is fine, You PS3 would need repair


Thanks for all the replies, i didnt repair my slim though, just ordered a 250gb super slim from ebay