Can we all agree to stop using the training stage when it's not necessary?


Unless it’s one of the poorly optimized PS3 games there’s no reason every event and online match I see/take part in is on the training stage. It becomes kind of depressing.


People choose training stages to minimize DAT lag. I remember playing X tekken against some Mexican guy with a shitty signal, and the match ran really well in the training stage, but I switched over to Jurassic era research facility and the game started to run like shit.

So far 2d games like SG and P4A seem to have a easier time running online(intros for P4A are always slow as fuck for me though.)

So TLDR; some guys need to choose areas to reduce lag and make the game fun for everyone else.


The intros on P4A and BBCP for the maters, run slow at the beginning because the game is syncing both players, it is why it is wise to let it run until stars running at normal speed always.


no, real eyes forever




But it is?


in the case of online


Does it matter that much?


No. I hit random select, if you have yellow bar I use training stage. Stop looking at the background and pay attention to your opponent.


What the fuck, man? Are you a dictator? People can choose any stage they want. You seem to be the type that has control issues. Do you have OCD and other anxiety problems? Just deal with it and take it like a man. Complaining over trivial shit and shit.


My point was in your situation it was necessary and therefore irrelevant.

It’s been a few years and it’s finally got to me.

Again, in that situation it is necessary.


MvC2 dont have to worry about that shit, stages are auto selected and they are all fine B)


I don’t like seeing training stage all the time when I’m playing games. I understand the reasons for it but I hate the bland look of it.


The reason you guys have colored Marvel and dat Mango Sentinel is because I was playing on the Cannery Stage against the blackest Blackheart on a shitty monitor in at a mall in Vancouver, Canada, got pissed about how shitty the contrast was in the game, and kept asking people until supabuu came up with PalMod.

Other than that, MvC2 and classic SF2-era stages rule. Generally minimalist design, great contrast, minimal motion.

Modern polygon-based stages can get pretty stupidly bad and actively interfere with game play. (U)MvC3 has several stages that should never be used in any competitive environment, foremost of them being the stupidly overdone SHIELD helicarrier stage.

I would love it if current game designers would factor in “people trying to play the game seriously right now” as opposed to “if I can put 33,000 moving things on the screen, I may win an award”.

You get training stages because designers are making shitty decisions. Sorry. Go bitch to them.


Look man, if your thing is white squares and it’s your turn to pick, go for it but I find it hard to believe every player at every competition and every online match loves the stage.

I understand in certain versions of certain games you’re stuck with it but that’s not the case with every game.


You gotta have specific goals in training mode. I practice special moves all the time over and over again. Then I practice bnb combos kinda sometimes. You gotta be careful with combo training. james chen talks about this here. He kinda agrees with your post.

PS Mewtwo is my favorite pokemon.


I thought people hated helicarrier stage due to how dark it is. I remember many people complained about how characters in black outfits were difficult to see in that stage.


It’s a good video but I don’t understand what it has to do with the stage choice.

Mewtwo rules!


As re: helicarrier: that too. As someone who has worked on animations you’ve seen on TV and/or your local PC, the work on the helicarrier stage pisses me off for all kinds of reasons. It’s just sloppy egotistical work. The character and their fighting is the thing, everything else is just eye candy and should be treated as such. Elevating your background designs to the prominence given to core objects is ludicrous.

And that’s why we get stuck with the Training Stages: egotistical or bad or misdirected designers who accidentally prioritize eye candy over gameplay. :sad:


Sound Beach is my training stage.


And by designers you seem to be talking about Capcom mostly because other companies seem to be doing it right outside maybe 1 or 2 stages.