Can we archive old CGoH threads?


I just wanted to ask if we could maybe archive some of the old threads in the character-specific forums. The changes for the US release have made some strategies and alot of combos obsolete from the japanese version, and having the old threads there is just confusing. I think we’re better off re-starting those threads at this point, and it would be nice to have the forums kinda cleaned up, as I’m sure alot more people will be coming around now.

If I was in charge, I’d make a new forum section under General Discussion for CGoH, and dump all the old threads there that haven’t had a reply to them in a couple of months. People can still find them there for reference.

EDIT: lol, we still have a section for Daimaoh, even though he’s not in the US release. And MegaMan’s board is still titled “Rock Volnutt”. Can’t we have some cleanup? :sweat: