Can we as a community push for the option to play b03 or b05 ranked?

For one b01 is bad practice and pretty meaningless. Also it REALLY feels like a waste of time. Sit in training mode… find match… get 2 rounds or lose 2 rounds and back to queing. Not only is b03 more realistic for those who care about tournaments but more time efficient as well. Also more often than not b03 or b05 benefits the better player. Its pretty common for a good player to lose g1 in tournament then sweep the lesser player after that. Personally I think this is something that should already be in the game but can we let capcom know its something we want? I dont see enough people mention this.
If anyone else wants to see this happen let me know if theres anyone I should be tweeting this thread or posting it in other places. Not good at something like this. Or if anyone wants to do that themselves or make a better or more eloquent thread somewhere else feel free. The March online update would be an ideal time for this to happen.
James Chen is talking about various SFV stuff tonight.
Maybe if we tweet him he could talk about it for some visibility ? Or maybe as a topic on a future tuesday show ? I just think the amount of time wasted by ranked being a b01 is a huge issue and b03 would massively improve an already amazing game.