Can we do another fan art challenge around here?

I used to love doing them. Anyone interested into doing another one?

I’m down for this.

sounds good. any suggestions for a theme?

Pick a Super Street fighter IV character (excluding Dictator, and Cammy) and design a M.Bison-like costume for them…

Most Delicious wins, due on some Tuesday, winner gets 100 bison dollars, sorry couldnt help it

A more general SSFIV alt costume challenge might be nice. The costumes in the fall are going to be primarily outfits from that character’s home country, so we could go with that theme.

how about a ‘future of sf’ type thing? ie. what you think the characters would look like in the future installments of sf or what they would look like older or something like that…
i’ve done sum already in paintchat. lol. (i liked the idea…)

the alt costume thread is still open. also, I get the sense ppl are kinda wanting a break from SF characters for now.
We’ve done Darkstalkers in the past, as well as Metal Gear Solid. How about something like MVC2?

Cancer did you do that pic? Wheres that pic from? Lately Ive been doing nothing but future of SF Ryu pics. And the scars and hair are somewhat similar.

Also I think something more general would be great and attract more artists.

I’d love to try, but, no tablet. :frowning:

Claps Smooth style man. I need a couple more months to get up t that calibur lol

MVC2 would be cool. It would really allow us to do a lot of different characters, and it would be a nice build up to MvC3.

Hmm… A “v.s” series between two fighter titles, choosen by the thread maker? EX Series? SF in a abstract style? a couple o’ ideas :confused:

I would say “Capcom vs. whatever you want”, where each week would be a new capcom character vs. whoever you want them to fight. Capcom vs. the World maybe?

Thanks for the input guys. I’m thinking let’s do MVC2 for now, it gives us some new possibilities after all the SF4 stuff.
We get the best of both worlds, since ppl who wanna draw SF characters can do so, and ppl who want fresh stuff get to draw Marvel characters.

anyway, check out the sticky at the top of the page.

Neoblood - Capcom vs the world scares me a little… that’s really open-ended :slight_smile: