Can we get a Gen Q and A thread? (and a few questions)



I can’t seem to find one and every other character to my knowledge on srk has one.
I think it would be pretty helpful even though we usually only have 2 people viewing the Gen forum.

I have a few questions of my own.

A: If you land a crane and you have no meter, what do you guys usually do afterwards? I usually just do another normal but lately I’ve been trying lk Gekiro.

B: It seems like there was a “Gen ultra 2 setup” thread on here before, and I don’t see it anymore. Did it get deleted?


The Gen list/guide compilation thread is basically a Q&A thread (it’s a sticky).

It deals with basic questions and such, and you can ask them there aswell if they are not in any of the lists/guides. Anyways:

A. If I land a I usually do mantis or mantis c.hp (slightly more damage, but no knockdown).

B. Again, check the compilation list/guide thread, I think it’s somewhere in there.


A: There are a few things you can do. 1. Switch to Mantis and use cr.HK(sweep) for knock down. 2. Use a poke like Crane cr.MP then move on from there. Jump at him, or do oga reset. Make sure you are charging down then after the cr.MP use oga to feint or cross up etc.

B: You might be talking about this. after far as Crane Ultra 2 setups there aren’t many. After Focus Attack or after Oga(Timing is super tight for this setup) is possible. U2 is used for AA, baiting by jumping back, or jumping in and baiting a crouch fierce Anti Air normal.

Hope this helps.


I have no idea since I hate the new ultras but, does mantis U2 have any decent setups besides doing it after a super and EX hands on some characters?


Also by excluding the obvious focus crumple (and even then you cannot do it pretty late, or it doesn’t connect fully), none afaik. It’s easier than U1 to do after a jump-in HP or HK, but you have little time to confirm your hit, so I wouldn’t call it decent. I am still wondering why it is possible to connect fully after Super though.


It sounds like you said that it was possible to crane ultra 2 (Teiga) after an Oga, If i’m correct in reading, could you explain the specific setup (character it works on etc)?

also as a question, My long range gen game is done when my oga game is shutdown. Is there a way to make blocked oga’s safer (i.e. hitting with the tip of the foot), and what are Gen’s options when in mid-screen to sweep range?


I’ll do a video man. I’m at my GFs.


I can’t recreate it now lol. I’ve done it a few times. It’s just a waste IMO.


lol, i’ll check it out with abel in the training room later tonight/tomorrow.


I’ve been testing it, and it is definately easier when doing a crossup Oga.

Still pretty useless though, and hardly worth practising.


can he still parry?


yeah, but the timeframe is still incredible small, and a whiff results most likely in huge damage income >_>


difficult as in high risk for low reward? useless like gekiro to crane super?

Is it still possible to do gekiro to crane ultra 1?


I’ve never been able to get Gekrio to Crane Ultra 1.

And by difficult it’s high risk high reward, but it’s super super high risk. I’d say the chances of you landing that online is super slim.


Gekiro to Crane Ultra 1 works on Abel for sure, you have to do the three kicks pretty fast. For the ultra to connect, he has to be over your head when you activate. It gets easier once you see it once. For the moment it seems as if it only works on abel.


Difficult as in, even landing a Oga on an above average opponent is hard, let alone the hard timing in hitting that crane U2 after it.

Also, gekiro to crane super is hardly useless, especially if done after a reset it will do some nice damage.


yea it a lot easier to wait for the opponent to fuck up then punish him with crane ultra 2 then trying to get in with oga and hitting his crane ultra 2.

yea gekiro to super is great i came back from so many matches online because of that baby. just wish we had more super during a match.

gen could be more dangerous if he could use his fadc more and has his good supers.


You mean because the opponent is airborne? Well, the devs said in an interview that Mantis U2 was able to connect after Gekiro, just like Crane U1, (though I’ve ever managed it) so I guess there’s some pursuit property on the first hit or something.


I haven’t heard about Mantis U2 after Gekiro. Which interview did that say it?

Well, it confuses me because every single other airborne follow-ups (hell, even raw hit on airborne opponents) doesn’t connect fully, and it’s not that they’re considered grounded contrary to the location they’re in.


Looked around but couldn’t find it again, but it was part of a series where the devs talked about tweaks to the cast I think. It’s the same interview where they said they sped up (crane) S.MK, so uh, yeah…