Can we give props to Street Fighter's awesome Cinematics?


Street Fighter intros have always been awesome. But they kicked it up a notch with SFIV and the intro to SFV.

I’m sure the Cinematics for SFV will be dope.

I’m always blown away by their Cinematics scenes like the SFxTK trailer and dream-like Ryu vs Ken trailer for SFIV.

Even the worst SF Cinematics are cooler than most games attempts at anime/Japanese style Cinematics.

Who else is blown away by the intro to SFV? A lot of attention to the camera and motion blur effects


I must admit when it comes animation SF has always been really gd the characters movement and just overall feel is always very fluid, fun and natural. I have to give capcom credit, when it comes to animation they r always on point


Yeah Capcom’s animation is incredible. They have that shit locked down. Wish the other parts of the game’s experience were up to that standard.


they outsoureced that part for sure, including the intros!


For me, it went downhill from SF3 onward, because no special intros.


Yup, just the weightiness and feel of moves like Ryu st. hp or st. hk is flawless. Love the animations in all SFs, especially from Third STrike on.


I would also call out the sound design in SFs- crush counter sounds, hit impacts, or the special effects during CAs (that Death Star like bass drop in Chuin Li’s for example) really add a lot to the experience.


it’s a shame none of the supers feel visceral tho :frowning:


This is by far one of the most stunning video game trailers ever. Went beyond “cinematic” (movie-like) and did something even the movies couldn’t capture.

Ono said he wanted to try to get SFIV to be like that but the system limitations prevented that. But still it looks so dream like and I haven’t found anything that resembles that look (gritty Okami… But with fighters)


I’d agree that some of them are lacking, in odd ways, too. Like they could have made Necalli’s VT one a lot better by just a different synchronization of the sound effects with the moment the damage is drained, but the damage happens at just an odd time. Little things like that detract from the supers. Same with Rashid.

The ones I like best are Chun, Ryu, I actually like Zangiefs, and Cammy.

Nothing as awesome as metsu shoryu from sf4, yet, I’m hoping more get added down the line.


If you watch the metsu shoryuken in slow motion you’ll see all the crazy work they put into the camera and effects (especially versus Goukens shin shoryuken cinematic)

EDIT: Enjoy


Its sick, and how the music dies down for the duration of it. I always used that Ultra just cause it was so cool.


Shout-out to Vega’s cinematics (intro, super, etc.), that shit is on point.


Bison was deprived of a perfect Psycho Crusher super also because of terrible sound effects (not enough swoosh, explosive bang, and the va wasn’t shouting enough). They made his Psycho Power sound like star wars instead of the end of all things!

The sound effects have mostly been a miss for me.


I do love the animation, but as it was said, I miss special intros. For all the stroy and lore stuff they’re adding, it would have been nice to see that take things to the next step.


SFIV and SF2 (the hadouken one) had great intros, this one looks good but I dont like the composition.


Fuck hadukens, i need muh ShiSho as CA2

Ryu’s ShinSho is in the holy top 5 “Like A Boss” moments of SF universe.
Move is so awesome that Ken felt like a bitch and become the kicks-specialist shoto.

Other 4 are

Honorable mention


Those are amazing. The way they flow from one camera angle to the next.

I feel like SFV feel light and bright in cinematics.


Hey no fair glamorizing beating up on Saikyo-ryu Dojo alumni! Keep this up and the Saikyo Master himself will have to slo-mo Chouhatsu Densetsu your shoto-lovin self into the Parallel Universe of Humiliation and Sheer Embarassment.


I didn’t care that he did that to Sakura. In fact everyone I show it to says “Why did the uploaded have Ryu do that to a girl?”

But the camera and effects was more what I was showing off