Can we has CVS2 HD on XBL/PSN?

I would be willing to pay 20$ for this. I miss CvS2 like crazy. It was already on original xbox, its lame that its not backwards compatible on 360. They should really consider this. Hell I’d buy it without the HD update.

And 3rd Strike.

I see this taking place…in '11, hopefully.

Well I can wait on 3rd strike, since Anniversary collection still plays on 360. But 3rd strike with HD update would be nice, Id buy it.

judging by how well mvc2 was received on x360\psn, I think its safe to say that cvs2 and 3s will eventually see online ports themselves if not @ the exact same time. Its not incredibly hard to add HDR netcode to these games and release it on psn\x360 if these games have ports with online play that are tournament worthy.

The main problem is the porting which they can’t seem to get right. mvc2 on x360\psn is not a good port and suffers from quite a few factors. If you guys are realllllly calling for this, expect this to be a potential similar problem. Next gen hardware was not capable of processing mvc2 properly on either system. Granted that marvel does have a huge amount of animations going on but 3s\cvs2 could have similar problems.

BTW I don’t think CvS2 and SFIII have the same restrictions regarding balance changes like MvC2 did.

So…if this even happens you may very get CvS2 sans roll cancel, character tweaks, etc, and similar things done to SFIII TS. Not sure what people will make of that either way, but yeah just be aware.

I would actually learn CVS2 if it was re-released on XBL/PSN with online.

We need 3rd strike too but Capcom are definitely gonna make us wait longer because they don’t want to detract any interest from their modern disc format fighters.I reckon when the MVC3 hype blows over we will see either 3s or CVS2 make their way onto XBL/PSN.Releasing them in a pack together would be amazing but Capcom may want to space the releases apart if they want to go with marketing strategies like HDR and MVC2.

No we cannot has CvsS2, we will has CvsS3 in 3D.

So, made better?

Sounds great.

It’d be nice if the SNK grooves/subsystems actually played like SNK subsystems.

If Capcom could get SNKP to license their characters, I could see it happening.

I hope for that too. And if they DO decide to do CvS3, then they probably Will put CvS2 on XBL/PSN

So you don’t have a plan for us to get CVS2 on XBL/PSN? You just created this thread to just say “I want CVS on XBL/PSN”?

You’ve let me down.

Well, if it makes you happier, I can say I have a great idea for the announcement of CvS3?

Black screen and the CvS2 announcer says “Are you ready for this?!” with the groove select sound effect.


Nothing but a tease.

Screw XBLA, Naomi & Atomiswave support for GGPO

Yu can has cheezburgers. Be happy wit dat.

I’d rather we get Alpha 3 Max on XBLA/PSN instead.

If SNK helps the development, I’d have no problem. No more lopsided ass games.

Didn’t Roll canceling make the game much more offensive? Without it it’ll be a turtle fest.

It also made more of the cast viable if I remember right. There is no reason to remove Roll canceling.