Can We Just Get This Out There? Rage Quit Hell Does Not Exist

We were duped, mislead, lied to, whatever, but by now we all have realized the truth: there is no ragequit hell, no cheater’s limbo, no punishment for people who pull the plug in ranked matches.

No punishment, no quarantine, nothing. I can keep beating the same RQ’er for weeks, it doesn’t matter. There is no RQ hell. There probably never was.

Yeah I’m pretty sure it was a lie to get people to buy the game. One time my internet shut off during a rank match (during a 25 win streak and I lost it FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-) and it said I’d be penalized for it, but I don’t think anything happens when you do it.

Doesn’t matter - quitters gonna quit. There’s no penal system on earth that will change their ways.

Of course there’s a ragequitter hell, you can even view a list of players in it, in the same submenu as the robust story mode, replay channel, and settings for lobby spectating. :coffee:

It would matter, in the sense that Capcom outright lying about features would be kind of dickish.

I saw a player with 99 wins and 0 losses, I thought it was the win/loss display glitch but no, that was his actual record and he disconnected right before I was about to win. There is no way there is a “ragequit hell”.

I never played TvC. Was ragequitter hell a lie in that game too?

Is this a niitsuma specific lie? Because you don’t hear about ragequitter hell for Ono’s games.

Most fighting games don’t punish rage quitters.
I guess developers think it’s a waste of time to add some type of penalty.

Are you so sure there isn’t a program? I don’t see evidence either way - it would be interesting seeing any kind of evidence.

Past few days I’ve been experimenting by ragequitting excessively on my secondary PSN account, haven’t seen much of an increase or decrease in the number of ragequits I get when I’m about to win, maybe I should pick douchebaggier teams though.

didn’t someone make a post about this already? that rage quitting causes a bigger loss in rank points than a normal loss does? in other words “rage quit hell” is just low ranked players. if you can offset the amount of points you lose from rage quits by winning a decent amount of matches, you can avoid “rage quit hell” altogether.

I guess it would depend on the other guy quitting… and there’s no way to really induce that. They might feel honorable that night.

Very tricky…

I guess it would depend on the other guy quitting… and there’s no way to really induce that. They might feel honorable that night.

Very tricky…

This would be the best. No actual punishment enacted by the software, just a list that ranks people according to number of rage quits with all the screen names on display. That would be brilliant.

A friend of mine and I have had extensive conversations on this topic as it pertained to Left 4 Dead 2, a game wherein a versus match can go from fun and competitive to a lopsided beating with a single ragequit. We basically came to the conclusion that you had to assume 1 or 2 raqequits/disconnects where accidental before really bringing the hammer down on someone. To this end we concluded that the punishment that made the most sense was, after whatever number of DCs we determined to be no longer accidental, that the persons account would be blocked from matchmaking for a small amount of time (~15-20 minutes). If they came back after that window and continued with their previous douchebaggery the time outs would escalate very quickly. IMO the best way to be rid of ragequitters is to simply block them from the service. You could take this sort of thing even further by tracking (if possible) the actual consoles that are ragequitting such that if a persons account is locked out for an extended period and they log on with an alt. then that account would be on a much shorter leash with regards to disconnecting during gameplay.

I like how Bungie handled it in Halo Reach. The tears in the official forums convinced me of it’s effectiveness. Mute bans worked great as well.

After X number of rage quits, a message should pop up saying:
"I’m sorry your connection does not appear to be suitable for online play. Please check your network settings and ensure that they are all correct. This mode will be reenabled in X amount of time."
This’ll get around having to figure out who’s rage quitting and who just has a bad connection.

i’m pretty sure all it does it kill the fuck out of your ranking - I did it once and it took about 25% of my bar off. The guy deserved it though

It would of been so funny if it did exist. When the quitters start to realise that everyone that they play will quit on them that’d seriously piss them off.

Oh well, I guess its back to me wishing I had telekinetic powers so I could blow up the console of the player who quit on me. “HAHA NO WIN FOR YOU BI–” Boom “What!??”

yeah, I don’t think ragequitters are punished like they claim. I played 2 back to back matches in Ranked. He rage quit both times on me and he still kept his win streak.

if Doctor Doom ran this bitch he would put down the Latveria law on their asses

quits game

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