Can we mod an Xbox 360 Controller?

Is there any possible way to dual mod a controller?

And to make a Rose faceplate :P.

If so, is there and price quotes out there?

Thanks :).!-(lots-of-pics)

Its definitely possible to dual mod a controller but the space is the problem. You have to have a very small pcb to dual mod with. Or just use the components that would be on a pcb and wire them directly the existing pcb.

Id just use an adapter myself rather than worry about fitting it all inside of the controller casing.

Some interesting ideas would be going outside the box of normal and doing something like, ridding yourself of the PCB in the controller and instead wire the controller so that it only acts as signal/ground connections (like a joystick) and then having external pcb’s for it to plug into.

If you already had an existing joystick like a dual moded TE stick, you could just add an interface port that connects the buttons/joystick and when the controller plugs into the joystick it would use the two PCB’s from inside of the joystick. Would be pretty wicked and one of a kind. Not so practical though.

The adapter lags.

I’m trying for an Xbox 360 controller that works for the PS3 and doesn’t lag obv. lol :0