Can we talk about the decreased controller support?

Why does this game have less controller support than SFIV? This is a serious concern, we should be making more noise about this.

To be fair this is still beta, there’s no way to tell what support this game will or will not have until full release. I’m almost positive that they will have controller support for the simple fact that this game is PC and PS4 only.

For that matter, added controller support is one of the last things that they’re going to worry about. It’s more important that the game itself works before they try to work in support for random aging controllers X, Y, and Z.

looks like the steam controller will work in beta 3, so lets hope that means better native controller support all around this time.

It uses X-Input instead of DirectInput. Have to make sure that any controller you use supports the X-Input protocol. If you have a stick with a PS360+ you can use that by forcing it into Xbox mode while holding down MP as you plug it in.

The nice thing about SF5 is you can plug and unplug controllers without having to restart the game. SF5 on PC is Tournament capable now.

You could always do that on SF4 with every Xbox controller I tried. It’s only dinput/PS3 controllers that forced you to restart iirc.

I did not know that. Thing is, there are still a lot of dinput controllers out in the wild.

Controllers? How about motion controls?

Don’t know if this will give kids an advantage or not. Part of me wants to scream BS; I just think it gives way to tool-assisted style manipulation.


So cutting Dinput support doesn’t seem all that bad now.

Did they say directinput is cut? Or just not present in the beta right now? I’ve been playing USF4 with my PS3 stick with no problem and would be bummed if I had to use an xinput wrapper once it’s released.

No but you figure it’s in or out. It’s not really such a difficult thing to have in.

I had a thought, what if the game had some kind of integrated xinput wrapper?

So 2 “360 pads” are “plugged in” at all times according to the game and anything you plug in gets picked up and put through that wrapper. Bam, hot swapped Dinput controllers.

In beta 2 dinput only controllers did not work.

Can’t use my PS360+ in PS3 mode anymore on the PS4 version.

On the bright side though, I’d like to point out that if you plug in a new controller after the game already started it’ll recognize the controller :slight_smile:
So if the controller support gets fixed by the time this thing launches you could very well have tournaments on PC without having to ALT-F4 -> restart every time a new contender sits down (Like on WNF)

But on topic I’m also playing with a 360 stick atm since my PS3 and PS4 controllers aren’t recognized.
I know there’s probably a few workarounds since it’s PC but it’s street fighter 5… capcom please <_<

Oh I know, I’m saying if they cut it to have hotplugging there’s my concept to retain that.

they want that madcatz money, maybe a patch after a few months will enable more controllers?

I have a dual modded stick for ps3/xbox360/pc and it doesnt work :frowning:

So my friend bought a Hori Real Arcade Pro V Silent for ps4 and it can’t work on the pc version. Is capcom/combofiend aware of this and will they add support?

Did they hook up joy2key? that was mandatory for the beta on PC