Can Ya Rate My First Wallpapers


here ya go :cool:

let me know what ya think?

i think that there good cuz there my first:D


u like^_^

here’s the 2nd:p

rate both of them by a scale of 1-10…


I say you take out the dude in the middle, he is distracting and covers the whole overall picture in the background.


You should add some tech in the picture. The Goku in the middle kills the picture,also, you should concentrate on a theme of the wallpaper. Try not to scrunge like 5 pictures in, try 1-3, not more,unless its a really big picture or its a banner.


2nd one is hot. first one is straight, but the second one is the answer to what Mega was saying.


aite thx 4 all the help :slight_smile:

and i cant fix them cuz i deleted the psd or is there any other way i can?


You can always try your skills on a new one


Are you sure you meant wallpaper? :confused: I mean…it is only 500 x 400.


yea they are wallpapers.

is that i hade to srink them for srk cuz it did not let me attach the files cuz they were 2 big:bluu:


Dang…It looks pretty tight to me. It’s better than anything i could ever do…Props to you, my friend:)


thx Ryu Shinnosuke’ for the props :cool: