Can you actually learn something from playing the computer?


So the only fighting games I ever played are: Alpha 2 ,Alpha 3,and Third Strike because they’re on my pc and I don’t have a 360 or PS3. GGPO doesn’t work for me so I’m mostly resort to playing against the computer. I’ve also been playing these games for about 2 years now and i always play on a higher difficulty than normal.If I was to play against a human opponent in one of these 3 games, how would I fare???


Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nothing important really.

You play against a computer for a few reasons:

  1. I’ve never used this character, I want to just see how they feel to use.
  2. You don’t know all the special moves/normals and you want someone that will jump around and do things other than stand and block.
  3. You want to practice hit confirming your longer combos.

The problem with playing against the CPU is they don’t think or react like a human. If you get a dirty crossup on a CPU there is no “guessing” what side you’re going to be on - it knows with 100% accuracy what will happen, and then it loads up cpuBlock() bit of code, checks to see your difficulty, and if the difficulty is high enough then there is a great chance they will block correctly. Real players don’t answer your cr:lp: with an Ultra timed just right, or a Super that feels unfair. Real players make mistakes, real players cave to pressure, real players will fall into patterns. A lot about getting good at fighting games isn’t knowing the most damaging combo or the best characters and moves, it’s a lot about knowing how to react in a situation you’ve never (or if your’e lucky, have) seen before. Computer opponents will teach you not to throw out unsafe moves, but when fighting a real opponent sometimes you have reasons for throwing out unsafe moves - because you have some special technology that will punish their (late, human reaction) attempts to punish you.

Use the computer if you’ve learned new combos and you want to practice getting them off “in a real match”, but be warned - that anything you do to open a computer up (start the combo) cannot be used in a real match because the CPU has to cheat by design, they have to know your every move and weather or not they can punish it.

Does playing the cpu aggressively even matter? Lol

The AI taught me Rouge is a rush down monster in Marvel 2.


I think its useful, just not useful for learning to read people. It’s good for practicing difficult punishes or anti airs or combos. I try to run through arcade mode a couple times a week at least.


Short Answer: Yes. You’ll get a general feel for characters, and learn a ton of bad habits.
Long answer: See GordonsBeard’s post.


Thanks everybody for the response and specifically @GordonsBeard for his/her post. I live in Georgia,we have no arcade whats so ever and not many people play Alpha 2 ,Alpha 3 and Third Strike so I’m not going to have too many opportunity to play it like I want to…sadly :frowning:


Alpha2 and Alpha3 are going to be hard to find people to play with, you could try Supercade, it’s basically the same thing as GGPO, just different netcode. And as of 3rd Strike I know there is the online version for the PS3/Xbox - and it’s pretty dang nice. I don’t know how robust the online communities in them are, I haven’t done a lot of online play with 3rd strike - too afraid of being blown up.


dude ssf4AE is ABSURDLY cheap right now on steam. cop it and get some real competition.


i have learned how some moves link to another
but… playing against someone online is so much different.


Pretty much this. I learned a lot of what I know about footsies and basics playing the computer when I was a kid because I didn’t have a car and couldn’t get to the arcade whenever I wanted. You learn a lot of basic stuff playing the computer, but the caveat is what everyone else said, that playing the computer is completely different than playing a human opponent.

But like Pherai said, playing the computer can be a good method for keeping your execution and such in shape. I’d say play humans and the computer regularly.


Dude my PC is ass I can’t even play GGXX:Accent Core lol.The only fightings that I can play is GGXX:Reload,Alpha 2,Alpha 3,and Third Strike, but and I don’'t have a PS3/360 just a Wii


Yea that’s what a lot of people are telling me the COM is for: To keep your execution sharp and maybe practice a few new combos on the COM before you do them on a human opponents. Thanks again everybody for their help :slight_smile:


Get a job maybe? You could pick up a used 360 for mad cheap right now.



anyways, to answer OP, yes you actually can, as far as getting the first nerves of “omg, this isnt just a training dummy” out of the way.


CPU is fun to play at Arcades when no one is around.
Trying to get that high score, man. Trust me when I tell you a lot of strong players try shooting for that.


There is some level of prestige on being the highest score AND one of the best combatants at the same time. NEITHER MAN NOR MACHINE CAN BEST ME.




Trying dude…trying :confused:


Against low level CPU’s you learn why randomness can lose you games.
Against high level CPU’s you learn that basically everything you do has a counter.

That’s about it.


pick highest difficulty, gief as your opponent - now you can test your blockstrings, or rather SPD’ed hardcore