Can you be a great player if you only use finger on the button

I see bare peeps have their whole hand on the buttons and use three fingers type thing.

I only use my index and middle finger BUT they both hit the same button.

Wht about you guys as I never use the drumming technique

Dude people play cross-handed, left handed, 1-handed.

You could play with your feet. It doesn’t matter. Whatever works for you as long as it works.

Also, as long as you can link supers, you don’t need drumming. Drumming is just a technique that is helpful in landing difficult links. If you can land it without drumming than it doesn’t matter.

By doing that you’re pretty much handicapping yourself. Using all your fingers makes it easier to perform combos, supers, links, kara throws, etc.
Learning to use all fingers will also help you in other games (RCs in CvS2, fly/unfly in MvC2, RCs/FRCs in GG, etc).

I had to play Mega Man Anniversary for GC cross-handed and controller upside-down because jump and shoot are mapped backwards.

Whatever you do to win, do it. But playing with two fingers acting as one finger seems like it would give you less reaction time to cover six buttons though.

Yeah, previous dude is right about NOT being able to play other fighters with that style.

Man, I couldn’t stand that. I just sold the game and went back to my NES :frowning:

I want to see a guy play with his nose and tongue.

I usually go like this:

lp & lk: index
mp & mk: middle finger
hp & hk: ring finger

But for (and I’m talking 3s) grabs, karas, weird combos and different situations… I usually use my thumb in addition to any of the stuff listed above. I even use my pinky sometimes if I have to, but that’s very rare. Whatever works best for you.

daigo plays with 3 fingers!



O x x

LP = Index
MP = Middle
HP = Ring
LK = Thumb

I play RC style for CvS2.


Random two-finger button presses. No set finger layout.


O O x

O x x

LP = Index
HP = Middle
LK = Thumb

Three fingers.

And I switch between one and two fingers on a button.

Ya’ll are some scrubs. I play with my elbows. SKILLZ! :cool:

\ | | | /


I like the setup cause you push the buttons for throw quicker, but doing the uoh is a bit harder. (doesn’t matter to me though since I use Dudley. torward+rh ftw!)
Works for me, but use whatever you’re comfortable with :tup:

Yeah I play with all five as well.
Thumb - lk
Index - lp
Middle - mp, sometimes mk
Ring - hp
Pinky - hk

Using all five fingers works well I find; kara-throw -< mp use middle, mk use ring (takes practice), fp fk use pinky. UOH middle finger and thumb.

I use all my fingers. It just depends on where my hand is or what kind of style layout it is (Jap or US). I use my thumb every now and then when using jap layout.

I dont have a set finger for each button. Sometimes I use 2 fingers on one button. It just feels natural to use whatever finger is closet to the button I wanna press next.

I used to use 2 fingers on one button all the time back when I played CvS2. Then I started practicing on Jap sticks and got used to using all 5 fingers. I now play 3s and MvC2 better than I ever did.

i just use index middle ring for the Ps and thumb for LK if i gotta throw

i mainly use my pp.

I agree, I also use epislon_'s pp. works great

^ i dont blame u man…i dont blame u.