Can you be an aspiring musician while getting better at fighting games?

This is something I’ve been wondering about for quite a long time now. I’ve been learning Keyboards since I turned 18, and I want to keep continuing, but doing so requires lots of time and dedication to practice and get better, and in general I just need to play a lot.

The same rule also applies to fighting games, so I’m wondering is it possible to get better at both? Fighting games are like a fun hobby of mine, and I want to get better so I can have awesome matches with friends of mine who are good, and kick all the whiney little scrubs on Xbox Live with Ken on HDR.

What do you guys think? Do you have to be dedicated to either?

Doing both is possible. It comes down to time management, and in that case I would dedicate more time to music seeing as how there is a possibility you will be able to go somewhere with it as far as job/social standings go. Every one loves a musician.

That guy Mike Ross is a pretty good guitarist and I heard from someone that he is also decent at Street Fighter 4.

I think this sums up your answer


Yeah, I was going to reply with this. Time management, make sure you know how much time to dedicate to things you have to do and things you like to do and go from there.

For everyone else sure. For you, nope! Why? Because you’re lazy and unmotivated. You lack multitasking skills and no deductive reasoning.


Always try to be the best at everything you want to do with the time you have and you won’t have any regrets. Always try to improve and you will get better. It takes hard work and daily dedication, and this requires consistent mental focus every day and a tenacious approach to everything. Everything you do well at will help you do everything else well through confidence, tenacity, and by improving your mental strength.

Is it possible? Gee, I dunno. Can you say, hold down a job and do anything else, like study martial arts, play video games, be a net junkie, lift weights and STILL score up to 8 hours of sleep?? If you can, then it is possible. If you can’t, just quit life, cuz shit gets WAY harder than that.

its possible, but honestly it depends on how awesome you are. pretty much what las vegas pimp said

awww i wanted to post that. OP’s time management skills probably suck atm since he’s asking this question but yes it’s very possible. just got to be dedicated and learn some time management. mine suck as well but when i was living in the dorms at school i was able to play in the guitar ensemble, be a star student, workout, maintain a head of long luxurious hair and keep a very unhealthy videogame habit because my roommate was a laser beam of concentration and he had the same major as me and mostly the same classes so i was able to piggyback on him, no homo.

Yes it is… I mean IF all your doing is SF and Music id hope you could. I mean I balance Work,SF,GUitar and Martial arts ( plus oter shit I forget but what evs ) so yeah its all time management.

wow, didnt know mike ross can play guitar, and he really good too! mike ross you got a new fan buddy, ill root for you when you play SF4!

Im master lover to my asian wife & master of gief in HDR…I think you have to be born with it, there are just people who dont have what it takes…

Yep, it’s possible. Did you know that Soulja Boy placed pretty high in EVO for SF4? Excellent musician and fighter.