Can you be competitive using a pad?


I was wondering can you be a top fighting game competitor and use a pad instead of a stick? Or are their any pros that do? I have the hori commander 3 pad and it works great, but I’m always thinking about switching to a stick.

Switching pad to joystick

Yes, you can be a top-level player using a pad. There are minor mechanical advantages/disadvantages between using a pad and a stick, but nothing that severely hinders you from taking your game to the next level. Realize that if you’re still intent on switching to stick, the transition may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.


Don’t switch to stick for any other reason than you want to. If you’re doing fine on pad, you won’t magically do better on stick. Like eltrouble said, both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re comfortable on pad, stay there. If you’d rather move to stick, do that. If you do transition from pad to stick, you’re going to be TERRIBLE for the first few weeks, but then it’ll get better.


It is now a myth that you cannot win with a pad. I do think that it really depends on which pad you play with though. I don’t think xbox360 pads are great for fighters. PS3 ones are ok in my book, but definitely winnable with. Sega Saturn type pads are the best imo. It’s a matter of preference, but xbox360 pads are just horrible to play with imo.


A lot of top talent uses the 360 pad. I don’t really understand how they do it, but they do. One example is/was Fanatiq. He might use the AGE pad now, but he definitely used to use the 360 pad’s analog stick to play.


I’m a PS3 pad player, I’ll take it to my grave!
I play Gouken which I think compliments a pad well, as he hasn’t got any technically heavy inputs.

I can’t get the hang of Hundred Hand Slaps or Grapples consistently on a pad, which I can see a clear benefit of the worth of a stick for such tasks.

(HHS - **PAD: **I can’t end on the lp/mp/hp I want & often get Ex as I’m trying to do it too fast my buttons overlap
STICK: you can piano a lot easier with all your finger (hence piano’ing) rather than just thumb + finger)

(Grapple - **PAD: **I don’t get all directions when I try to do all 6 points fast.
**STICK: **You get a lot more area to more accurately roll the stick, connecting each point, using your wrist instead of your thumb, which hurts after a while for me.)

But I bet I can be done, But it’s harder tenfold in my opinion.

Still I’m definitely a strong competitor with a pad, I considered a stick. But I don’t know if I want to spend it on something I may not actually fell makes me any better.
I ended up thinking It likely wouldn’t.


There are enough examples now of high level players doing very well with a pad so, to answer your initial question, I’d say you can be competitive with a pad. Also, as mentioned above, if you’re more comfortable using a pad then stay with it. Why sink $100+ into something “just because”?


I always hate threads like this.

The answer is yes. Either you use a controller, or a controller. Seriously.


Yeah, but it’s the Newbie section, we get new players coming in all the time asking the same questions.

It’s a common theme though. A lot of newbies see their favorite players at tournaments all using arcade sticks, so they wonder if they should be doing it too.


Totally right. It’s just that I see this thread/question like 43 times a day.


play Hitbox!


And yet you reply ensuring a bump and it’s continuation on the first page.


Vangief, Wolfkrone, Fanatiq and alot more really good players that use pad


The only time when I actually use the stick is when I hit the PS button the PS3 Controller too often,
Heck, I even hit it on the XBOX 360 controller.
So, if you are using pad, stay with pad.
But if you REALLY want to convert to stick, go with stick. I find stick only good to avoid any pause oops or ps/xbox button oops.


fanatiq is a competitive pad player


As someone who made the switch, I’d say if you’re doing fine on pad then stay with that. I bought a stick because I could not even do basic things on a pad. Since I’m a beginner I figured I’d remove the obstacle of doing basic moves so I can actually learn the game. It took a week or so to get used to the stick but I’m much happier with it.


So switched to a stick and it’s way better. I don’t know what people are talking about saying you have to get used to it since it feel so natural. My games up 100% and I’ve stopped dropping combos. Case closed pads or ok, but why work harder and have blister when you can execute just as if not better on a stick.


Some people actually execute better on a pad. You don’t have to worry about having a stable surface, the shorter throws on a d-pad allow for quicker left hand movement, and many people in this day and age have more experience on a controller than an arcade stick. Everybody’s different, and will have different experiences.


I use xbox 360 analog sticks playing Yang and Urien in SF3, Cody in AE, and multiple teams in mvc2.


No if you use a controller then the tournament organizers will ban you on sight and everyone will laugh at you, thems the breaks.