Can you be thrown out of jump animation during a block string?


There have been hundreds of instances **online **where I have been in a simple block string: jab>jab>tick throw, j.rh>tick throw,>tick throw, and have been somehow thrown while holding up back long in advance. Sometimes so long in advance it has to be around 15+ frames, making me question the possibility that it could be lag. However, the fact that I would be so frequently thrown out of my jump animation, which has to be an incredibly small window, is also highly implausible. What the absolute fuck is going on?

If someone 100% knows for a fact this can happen and its not some janky online coding, let me know.


No, you can’t be thrown out of pre-jump or jumping frames. It’s probably lag.


My response to that is fuck this game’s netcode. Seriously… I’m holding up back before they even think about finishing their block string and I still get thrown. INCREDIBLE.

Its damn near guaranteed to happen if Ryu in particular does a jump in RH, walk up throw. No matter how long in advanced im holding up back, I get thrown…


it’s perfect timing in there grab. when it’s lag you know it’s lag. i play chun so tick grab it wat i do when in range and wiff jump in’s and crossover say’s grab very hard to escape those if lucky you’ll get the tech. if you know it’s coming tech it don’t fight it. i’ve grab ryu’s out of their a supers and ultra ones. i’m not saying i’m a badass chun player but alot of the good players i played online tend to tick grab when close.


What does any timing on the grab have to do with anything when he’s holding up?


Zangief isnt one of the best on a lagged match for no reason.