Can you beat arcade mode on the hardest difficulty?

I was able to do this when I started…then as I got better online for some reason I can’t beat it anymore :open_mouth: What the hell happened?!

No, Seth too stronk.

I can still beat it with Rog. The first few matches I can just spam HK and not even move and win, even on hardest difficulty. I won’t lose a match until I get to Seth, and then I get worked a few times before beating him.This is strange to me because I hover around only 1500 pp in ranked :confused:

Choose Gief, lariat all day easy as pie :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried in ages all I remember is that the cpu reads ur inputs like Prof X cant play like u would online u gotta be more derp

Choose Gief, once you land an SPD, light green hand and SPD on wake up. Repeat that until the CPU dies.

Damn, so it kind of cheats then lol. I finally do good with a character, which is Ryu, then I go to arcade after a long time of not playing it and I just could not beat seth

He becomes ridiculously predictable after so many tries.

Seth is easy for certain characters as the AI is easily tricked into trying to beat moves it can’t (I actually beat the game on hardest once just using Ryu and doing HP DP and EX DP as the game doesn’t generally wait for grounded recovery for a maximum punish.) but other characters have a SEVERELY hard time against Seth or Akuma as the AI actually reads your inputs the moment you do them and in a frame perfect world those 2 characters (especially the boss versions.) have tools for every situation and can basically beat you if they can react to your moves at inhuman speeds. (Go ahead, fight Akuma on hardest in versus, watch how often he punishes you with U1 for just doing a cr.LP. Of course this can be baited as the AI is stupid and thus it will whiff if you are at the right distance to recover and jump)

One fun thing though is that sometimes the AI reacts so fast with an ultra that the game eats the input of the move you were about to do.

Sadly, Cody’s Fake badstone, and Yun/Yang’s fake palm are basically useless against the CPU since it knows it is a fake the moment you do it :frowning:

Anyways, the AI is easy once you find something stupid to exploit. For example; if you go into versus against Sakura on hardest as Cody and pick up the knife, just crouch and spam cr.LP as fast as you can. The cpu has no idea what to do and will continually walk into it, then pause for a moment then walk into it again as long as you do it at about the max range of the cr.LP (too far and they’ll jump or throw fireballs.)

With most CPUs, including this one, I found that after you play people for a while, you learn to try to predict things and bait things - these things don’t necessarily work in the same way when you play the CPU, so you lose more frequently because it doesn’t react like a human would. Playing the CPU tends to make me worse against people, and visa-versa as well.

Eh, I find that the CPU has one good thing and that is if you fight Ken or Zangief it’ll help training you to keep your block strings tight and help remind you to properly land your combos. Because those characters will DP/Grab you if you leave even 1F open.

Also Ryu and Sagat AI are good for practicing very basic anti fireball stuff like proper NJing and the spacing for focus absorb dash towards on fireballs being safe. But in general they aren’t good for teaching you MATCHUPS or (obviously) how people think, or how to deal with mixups or footsies. You can use them for things like practicing really simple stuff though.

I did do nearly got Perfects on everyone in hardest difficulty. Couple of the bosses stopped me getting P all
the way through. Its far easier with Gief and a few other chars.

I kind of had something similar to that, playing Oni on versus mode taught me to block crossups lol!

You have probably picked bad habits playing versus humans. /joking

Just find a way to lame the AI without shame. I can beat it easily, and I can beat Super Turbo on hardest setting, too. It’s a matter of switching to lame mode, really.

Don’t play them like you play regular people. All you really need to do is lvl 3 Focus Attack (I guess CPU doesn’t know how to beat it) into Throw on their wake up over and over again. works 90% of the time with the entire cast on the entire cast except for the Seth Boss. That one you just have to learn which moves are punishable by your moves and then keep adjusting your distance on his wake up to try and bait our the hundred kicks thing. Block the kick and sweep. Do it over and over. It’s lame and boring, but this was the best way I found to beat hardest mode.

I love your avatar!

Focus attack on the whole cast except seth = you win.

Seth is extremely bad cus you just have to walk to ~c.MK distance and hold downback - pretty soon he’ll do a random Spinkick, lose half life on your punish, and readily do it again once you’re in the same spot.

I can. I find the computer pretty funny, however. They’re so random that I sit there, lose to Zangeif SPD’ing me the whole match, and then just stare at the screen and go, “Huh.” I agree with the comment above about Ken and Geif training you to use better block strings.

I still suck at the game (and all others for the matter), but depending on luck I can go all the way to Seth without a continue. Then Seth always beat the hell out of me. I play Ryu. Guess I could learn to exploit the AI, but I don’t really Want to do that.

But sometimes I actually get stuck on a character much before Seth and have to do some 3 or 4 retries to go further. One problem with the AI is that I rarely have trouble with the rival matches. Really flawed horrible AI. Ken keeps spawning SRK. I just win by punishing that. Sagat is a bit harder, but I’ll do random ultras that he won’t block.

That’s another flaw i found with the AI. Many characters don’t block ultras in situations they could.

That’s too bad. I would like a decent AI to practice the game without all the inconvenience of the online. Even at a beginner’s level like mine a little lag is enough to completely ruin the online experience.

Is it really hard to do a good AI that’s fair, or did Capcom just not care?

I am. Seth is insanely hard. I’ve only been able to beat Arcade on hardest without getting a game over once.

I would like the A.I. to be overhauled in the next game so that they play more like actual human beings. I don’t think its impossible.