Can you beat me, please?

I need to play someone that’s really gonna whoop my ass, punish my mistakes, and read me like a book.

I need to play someone that’s GOOD. Let your egos take over, srk!

When I beat someone, it’s usually with some bullshit that wouldn’t work on ANYONE that knows something about the game, I’d like to get some games in against someone that will double perfect me 80 pct of the time lol, I need to stop playing so gimmicky and hoping for the biggest noobs on xbl to fall for it.

This isn’t an “I’m the best, and I need to play the best” thread, it’s more like an “I’m kinda meh, and someone needs to reinforce this.”

Someone wanna teach me a lesson or two? Hit me up on XBL, I can’t find my freakin headset though, but I’ll keep looking.