Can you buy a plane ticket from sorcal to normal


Im trying to fly my girl out and the rest of the internet isn’t being very helpful :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck you going to Normal Ohio for.

If you already from Sorceror Cali…

Holy crap the banner shows up.

Fly Southwest, cheapest, no bag checking fees. Pick the right flights, peak times more expensive.


Wait there really is a place called Normal?

I thought this was just a shitty troll thread, or bots have got really fucking smart.


Better question is why are you quoting so hard it comes with it own advertisement?


It’s a bit too normal…


I bet Normal is a pretty fucked up place.


I highlighted just the title. Maybe the EVO invasion still needs cash.

3rd question

Why you put the Yen in your location which now =¥C

New York have a thriving Japan town, that you call Yen. Yenk? Yenkees?!

Terribly sorry. “Better question” :wonder:


Tell that bitch to walk.


Long story short, it’s an air dasher community inside joke.


Would you like to know how that Banner got quoted? Formatting too?

I sure would.


I wanna go to Normal.


Stupid auto-correct, i meant to say NorCal :stuck_out_tongue:


No you cannot.
Flight from SoCal > Norcal and vice versa are banned due to a treaty signed in 1965 between these regions.
The economical ramifications of breaking this treaty are unheard of.
Why do you think so many people drive back and forth between regions!