Can you cancel her backdash?



Or do anything to make her recovery not take as long?

I tried looking around and couldn’t find anything on it. I’m very new (like one week new) to the SF4 series. So I’m not sure if anyone can lessen the recovery on backdashes, but thought I’d ask.


You could do it in SSF4, her backdash last frames could be cancelled by a focus attack. But since Arcade Edition they decreased her backdash recovery and removed its ability to be cancelled by a focus.
So no, you cant cancel her backdash recovery frame anymore so use it carefully.

For those kind of questions there is already a dedicated thread “AEMAKOTO Guide and Q&A: Ask all your questions here”. Be sure to use it next time.


Dam. Don’t know how I missed that thread when it’s the very first one! Hahah. Thanks for pointing it out, and thanks for answering.