Can you change the artwork on a Hori Hayabusa PS3/PS4 stick? Cant find a definite answer anywhere


It looks like the design is printed on the glass similar to Qanba Q2 & Q4 stock plexi. I don’t wanna void the warranty and open it up if the artwork cant be changed. I looked all up and down youtube and google and even in these forums but cant find a solid yes or no since all of the tutorials I’ve seen have been on earlier models and for older builds.


There’s no glass on a Hori Hayabusa or plexi either, you can buy aftermarket plexis from


Oh boy, so then I gotta get my own screws too I’m assuming because the stock plexi has no screw holes. Shoulda went with a TE2 facepalms


There is no stock plexy on the Hrap HAYABUSA, period.
Yes you will need screws.

I can say for the fact the information is out there. I know for a fact its discussed on the Tech Talk board before.
You might have to change the key words of your search, perhaps use broader search terms?

On the Intro page (which is stickied) there is a tip on how to use Google to search the forums.