Can you change the parry timing on 3s ps2 to like cvs2 timing?

I know it has a parry setting but what is what and how does it work?


hahaha what?

Im GUESSING he means the " parry judgement : old
ew" option for 3s on the ps2?

it depends on how you would compare the parry timing on cvs2 to 3s

would you say cvs2 gives you more time to parry or 3s?

there’s a bar in 3s system direction to change that.

If you want CVS2 parrying, play CVS2

I just wanted to see how it played. I didn’t need the negative haterism.

April 07’ has been a great month.

that option is guard judgement, not parry. it changes the blocking engine

Go to system direction.
You can change the parry timing there.