Can you convert PS3 Madcatz SE FightStick for the 360

Was just wondering if you can mode the PS3 Madcatz Fightstick to be usable on the 360…I’ve searched everywhere, but all the stores around me only have the PS3 one.

Unless you replace the entire PCB I don’t think so

Nvm then…now to wait another 3 months before i get my stick.

You can dual mod it if you buy a 360 Controller and a DPDT Switch or an IMP board from toodles, and some soldering skills

Yes you can make a MAd Catz PS3 Fightstick into a 360 as long as you provide a 360 PCB (controller board) and wire it up correctly. You can also do a dual mode that uses the existing PS3 board with the 360 board so you can use your stick on a PS3 and a 360.

I’m currently doing a dual-mod on my PS3 Mad Catz Fight Stick SE to work with the 360 as well. Apparently my area is lush with PS3 sticks so i took the dive.

i also planning to do this but not sure where to start, can you post a guide and some pic when your finished? :tup:

I would just Dual-Mod it, there are some skilled ppl on here who offer those services, cause buying another SE stick for the 360 is a waste imo…

sorry i have a noob question, what is the imp board used for? i keep hearing about it but im not too sure what its used for.

^ It allows to you switch between the two consoles with a button combo instead of installing a physical switch on the case.

oooh ok i get it now. thanks kyle.

Sup. It can be done. I followed this guide and did it myself.

I only had a little bit of experience soldering but got it done.

Can anyone point me into the right direction of a detailed diagram on how to wire up a se 360 board to a ps3 te stick. ive looked every where on srk, and the only thing I’m finding is pad hacks, any help would be greatly appreciated