Can you Copy MvC2 Data for the PS3 Version?

Also, after reading about the glitches, would you guys recommend using the PS3 version for tournaments?

What data would you want to copy? o.O

oh sorry, just realized that it comes with all of the secret characters, my bad haha,

what do you think about using the ps3 version in competitive play though?

Seeing that Evo2k10 is going to use it I guess it’s good? It’s also much easier I would assume getting the newer people with either PS3/360 dual-modded sticks or PS3 only sticks. Not too many new people are buying older sticks or dual-modding it for DC. Is it perfect to the DC/Arcade? No. It’s still playable tho. One thing I hate is the HD screens. Like doing a infinite and suddenly a WALL is there and sorta fucks you up.