Can you damage a sanwa switch when putting on .110 quick discs?


I got my lizlick order and im putting on these quick disconnects, but it isnt exactly quick.
im pushin and hearin the switch make snappin sounds and ill only get it on 1/3rd the way. i rocked one back n forth hard and got it maybe 80% on and im scared to keep going. i know that enough but jeez, shoul dthey be that hard?
is it a good idea to try to loosen the qd’s ever so slightly? and if so, how or with what?


the quick disconnects when you get them are way 2 tight to go on the switch correctly. stick a flat head inside it and move it around a bit to loosen it up.

and yes you can push the metal contact up and make the button not work.


i usuallyhold the button down while pluggin in my disconnects


i ran into this problem too and also ended up sticking something in the QD to loosen it first


Kool, ill take one of my lil jewelers flat heads. But them things were scary. and rocking it didnt look good cuz it started to bend the contacts…


Are you trying to center the QD on the button? I found by connecting the QD offcenter of the button it was a bit easier to attach. So basically line up one side of the QD against a side of the button terminal.

edit: Oops, just realized you said .110 QD’s, I am using .187 QD’s on my buttons.