Can You Dash-Ultra After A FADC?

**I’ve been practicing dash ultra after FADC kikoken.

Is this possible or will I lose the charge?**

Probably not, since firing the Kikkoken would make you lose the charge for U1.

Not necessarily, since DJ can dash ultra from one of his charge moves (I forgot which one)

It’s Machinegun Upper, which uses a D/U charge.

Yeah but he still has the charge after dashing, thats why I’m wondering if Chun can do the same…

I don’t really see a point even if you could. If its just damage on top, there are much better combos that can go on top of it.

I think you lose your charge if you try after a Kikoken

Guile and Deejay keep their back charge before starting the FADC because the move is Down and Up so they lose the down charge and keep the back charge.
Guile do down back then up back for the flash kick after that he start his FADC.

In the case of Kikoken, you lose your charge before doing the FADC

Theoretically, two consecutive charge moves are possible. [media=youtube]jOmvSWfw54M#t=0m29s[/media]

The problem here is that Dudley’s rose makes for an unnatural instant cancel, so the charge for one special move can be buffered into the ultra. Dash ultra works in that the game gives you leniency in your inputs/timing, so you can get the dash in there, complete the ultra motion, and the CPU will just think “Oh, he wanted ultra, but spammed the inputs, so let’s give him ultra”.

I’m thinking between using the charge for Kikoken, the FA cancel, and the dash itself, you’ve used up too much of the CPU’s good will.

I remember trying this in Vanilla, a lot. No success, though.

The way a lot of people on the vanilla Chun boards put it was, if it was possible, we would have seen people doing it already.

Didn’t want to use it to combo. Mostly to be tricky…