Can you FADC fireballs?

and if so, how do you do it?

Yes, press mp and mk right after ryu or whoever releases the fireball. Note that the fireball will literally be just leaving the characters finger tips or mouth (dhalsim) when you have to press mp and mk. Then of course like other FADC’s you tap forward or back twice to cancel the EX focus attack into a dash.

Thank you.

i wouldn’t necessarily say when it leaves their tips or mouth. it requires timing depending on the character or the speed they’re using. if you try to do it on sim when he’s using his slow fireball, you’ll do it waaay too fast and end up getting hit. also with rose’s. they’re too slow. and with guile’s fast boom, i wouldn’t even recommend it. my advice, go to training mode and test out each person’s fireball to get the feel for it. or get a friend and have him do it with each character that has a projectile. each person has different speeds. no character’s projectile is like another.

the real application to bait out ultras or make people jump. Abel, Chun can ultra thru a hadoken. throw a hadoken, FADC backdash to make them waste the ultra. You can also Hadoken FADC and try to read an opponent will jump at you. They will jump at you, over your fireball , but you can DP them on the way down. Its a mind game

Chun punishing hadokens full screen with her ultra always blows my mind

I’m pretty sure you’re talking about something different than what everyone else in this thread is talking about…

We’re talking about performing the fireball then canceling the recovery with FADC, NOT focus-absorbing.

Easiest way is to do:
qcf(quarter circle forward) (hold forward) + lp (for fireball), then press mp+mk (let go of forward) and tap forward again.

It might sound complicated but it’s easy when you get the hang of it.

ooooh. ok. misunderstood the thread. in that case, it’s as tonedef said.

The reason I ask is both for mix-up opportunities and becase I lost twice to two different ables because I forgot that his ultra can go through fireballs. So they both just let me beat them up until they had an ultra and then waited at the other end of the screen for me to throw a fireball.

Yeah, just know the recovery of your fireball + the range of his ultra. I believe it can only be done consistently up until half screen for Ryu/Ken and even less than that for Guile, Sagat, Gouken, etc.

zip to 1:10, Daigo FADC’s a fireball to bait a jump [media=youtube]MCCvQKdozHw[/media]

he lp srked to build enough meter to fadc too.

thats another pet peeve of mine. people who burn EX meter as soon as they get it and they rarely have more than just 1. That is why i am a big fan of making people block my block strings, it builds meter, and thinking ahead to the next round. I almost have them down and have I more life, i can finish them with a super or do i hold back and conserve? I almost have them down and almost dead, i can finish them with a super or do i hold back and conserve?