Can you get a replacement usb cable door for a Q4?


Sorry if this isn’t the best place for this thread. My USB cable door on my Qanba Q4 Ice Red broke a while back and I have been trying to figure out if it’s replaceable or if there are alternate avenues I could take. There’s basically a hole in the side of my stick at the moment, and I’d ideally like a new door. If that’s not possible, does anyone have any good/creative ideas on what I could do to make it look less horrendous?

Thanks in advance


Screw Cable Compartment doors


Did you just hook up the internal usb to the neutrik?


That is a pretty good solution to the problem! How much work goes into a mod like that? And do you recommend any vendors/sites for the part?


Except that isn’t a Neutrik, I am using the Switchcraft brand USB passthough

Well, I got the supplier of the ABS sheet to custom cut the plastic to size for me.
You still have to drill holes for the USB panel mount. And later epoxying the plastic sheet into place.