Can you get good at this game by playing online?

I wonder, because I have no offline comp.But onine is not like offline. It’s similar to offline if there is little lag, but its still very different. The timing and everything is different, but if you learn combos and mix up,and can get them off all the time. Couldnt you still do good or decent in a major or local tournie. I just want to hear what other people think.

So should I keep playing online or would I be better off quitting?

PS: I know a lot of stuff about 3s, but most of it I picked up from playing at the arcade before it closed. :sad:

Yes you can. No matter what ppl will tell you i am sure that you can learn a lot from online. One thing to mention is that your poking-game will be better.

hey i recently started playing on x box live on gamer tag drewke… i played this great player named Eish… who was that? we had some really good matches and he beat me up with his urien (i really enjoyed losing to him). it was a great connection speed and no lag plus he was an excellent player. i think if the connection allows it and u only play players who r really good then u can improve.

man i got to play your legendary remy one day

i’m ok and i only play domestic 3s online

I dont understand how playing online will help your poking-game.

Also can someone who goes to a lot of tournie tell me what they think. The other post really didnt help at all. I still think there no way you can win or even make top five at a tournie from playing online.

your only ok? dont be so humble, your the only reason why theres a remy section still heh. btw dont worry, im not exactly worldwide if you know what i mean :karate:

<— :sad: I even asked for some Remy tips on charge tunneling in the Remy section :sad: Good games none-the-less :tup: I wasn’t too fond of your taunting and whipped out my Urien the 2nd game :badboy: