Can you go back to normal AE after downloading the 2012 patch?

Just a really quick question. I have an Xbox 360 and haven’t downloaded the 2012 patch yet. I was just wondering if you’re still freely allowed to switch back to normal AE after downloading the 2012 patch, or are you forever stuck in “2012” mode?

I know the community is moving over to 2012, but it’d be nice to play normal AE every now and then.

No you cant switch back and forth normally. There was a way to remove patches from your 360 by clearing the cache, but you wont be able to play online until you update. This removes all patches for all games. It does not delete game saves. Im not sure how to do it with the new dashboard(or if it’s still possible). Try going to the memory settings, select your hard drive and select clear system cache.(that’s how it worked on the old dashboard)