Can you guys help a Newb? Stick help as well?

I am pretty new to the game and I am trying to get two teams and stick with them till I get better, ill mostly stick with one team for now and I would love some suggestions, people with easier combos is kind of what im looking for right now, ive played around with a few people and so far I like Ryu, Wesker, Wolverine, Storm, I dont really like big characters but Hulk seemed ok, there was a few others as well. I am pretty sure I want my 1st team to be Storm and Wolverine, I just need help on a 3rd, Storm had some pretty nice combos and they where not to hard to pull off. I keep reading that Wesker is one of the best and got buffed when he didnt need to, i have used him a little and only do ok with him but if he is worth learning I will.

So any suggestions on a team for someone new and any other helpful tips would be much appreciated.

Also, any tips on getting out of a corner, i played a little online last night and i could not get out of the corner in a couple of the matches, very annoying and im obviously not ready for online.

lastly, I really dont want to spend $20 on the guide, are there any links for character specific combos? I have found a couple links but they pretty much just show the basic moves.

Im trying to decide if i want to invest in a good stick or just stick with the controller, I have the Tekken stick, I hate it and wont use it? My local TRU has the Hori EX2 for only $40 but my fear is it will feel exactly like the Tekken stick? Do any of you use that stick? if I decide to get one should I just wait till I feel like spending the money on a Tournament Edition stick?

You’re better off asking in the Newbie forum.

But if you need combos, the character subforums have combo threads that you can check.

ok, i just posted there, im new to the forums so thanks. ill check both posts so if anyone wants to post here thats cool

Hi, I would be more than happy to help you. I personally own a Tournament Stick from Mad Catz and I absolutely LOVE it. Its incredible, but of course its expensive. I would recommend you buying it only if you’re gonna dedicate the time to the game and have the patience to learn the stick. I had alot of trouble adapting to the stick, but after a while I got used to it and now I cant play without it :). If you have an Xbox go ahead and add me: Kiinkey Twinkie
I enjoy helping new players, so if you need anything just let me know via Xbox or if you own a PS3 just PM me on the forums :slight_smile:

ill add u, thanks