Can you guys help a UMVC Newb? Stick help as well?

I was advised to repost this here…

I am pretty new to the game and I am trying to get two teams and stick with them till I get better, ill mostly stick with one team for now and I would love some suggestions, people with easier combos is kind of what im looking for right now, ive played around with a few people and so far I like Ryu, Wesker, Wolverine, Storm, I dont really like big characters but Hulk seemed ok, there was a few others as well. I am pretty sure I want my 1st team to be Storm and Wolverine, I just need help on a 3rd, Storm had some pretty nice combos and they where not to hard to pull off. I keep reading that Wesker is one of the best and got buffed when he didnt need to, i have used him a little and only do ok with him but if he is worth learning I will.

So any suggestions on a team for someone new and any other helpful tips would be much appreciated.

Also, any tips on getting out of a corner, i played a little online last night and i could not get out of the corner in a couple of the matches, very annoying and im obviously not ready for online.

lastly, I really dont want to spend $20 on the guide, are there any links for character specific combos? I have found a couple links but they pretty much just show the basic moves.

Im trying to decide if i want to invest in a good stick or just stick with the controller, I have the Tekken stick, I hate it and wont use it? My local TRU has the Hori EX2 for only $40 but my fear is it will feel exactly like the Tekken stick? Do any of you use that stick? if I decide to get one should I just wait till I feel like spending the money on a Tournament Edition stick?

From what I’ve heard the Hori stick is quite good only problem is the buttons are on the actual Pcb and it might break if you give it a pounding. That Tekken stick is truly awful. I’ve just bought a wwe brawl stick and switched out the parts which was quite easy. A cheaper alternative to the tournament edition.
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Wesker would be a fine anchor. He works fine in any slot really. Sent’s A assist is great for both Wolvie and Storm.

Instead of asking yourself how to get out of the corner, ask yourself what you’re doing to get there in the first place. As far as getting out, it depends on who you’re playing against.

Check the stickies in the character specific sections of the marvel forum for combos.

The sticky here in in the newbie dojo has all the links you need for stick reviews. Try this one:

Welcome to SRK. Try reading the stickies in the sections of the forum you’re interested in. If you’re new here, they are likely to answer many of your questions. The Marvel guide is worth checking out as well.

also, if i decide to go with a stick am i better off with a mad catz tournament edition or the new hori marvel stick, they are both $150 ?

read the thread I linked you

i think i found a team i like, Storm, Wolverine, and Arthur but I might replace Arthur with Doctor Doom. I havent had much practice with Doom but it seems like a lot of people like him and like him as an anchor

another team i messed around with was Ryu, Wolverine, Wesker

ive decided im going to hold off on a stick, im not ready to drop $150, my local gamestop has the wwe brawl pad for only $20, its pretty much the same thing as the street fighter fight pads. do any of you guys use these and do they help? i have read mixed reviews, some people love them and others say its only good for mortal kombat and not for capcom games. should i try one of these out or just stick with the xbox controller?

try out whatever your money allows.

Dont be afraid to do difficult things however.
What is the harm of learning how to easily do difficult things?

i was in TRU tonight getting stuff for the baby and they had the Hori EX2 on clearance for $16, i know the stick gets mixed reviews but for that price i figured why not give it a shot.

i might try and mod it but ill test it out later and see how it feels as is, i am very new to this so can anyone post a link for the parts i need at a good price, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

You should play Wesker, it will make your life easier.

yeah, i think im going to try and stick with either storm or ryu, then wolverine and wesker.

i was playing around with felicia and she seems good as well, there are so many to choose from

also, i might not even mod my stick, from what i read these hori sticks are a pain to mod and just from messing around with it today it seems ok as is and it feels MUCH better then the tekken stick. it is definitely going to take a while to get used to it and im still trying to decide how i want the buttons set up since its only 6 buttons and not 8, the lb, rb buttons are up top so they are not the easiest to get to, im sure switching to a stick will be worth it in in the long run