Can you guys help fight Faroe Islands?


Ya, i was emailed something 3 days ago about a tradition in Faroe Islands known as Whale and Dolphin Slaughtering.

Anyway, this shit happens each year and i these mother fuckers need to stop that. Just by reading that i already build compassion for those animals and the pics i will present just urges me to do what ever i can to actually fight that tradition.

Here are the pics


I don’t know if i should post a petition site. I may do so in the future, but personally, i don’t find online petition sites of any significance. I’m just encouraging anyone here to actually try to stop this shit. I know this is also done in japan…

If anyone knows what can actually be done to end this shit, please post the info.


Do they eventually eat the whales or dolphins? If they are just being killed for sport, that’s pretty fucked up.


Says the dude with the baby-kicking avatar. :rofl:

Ey yo, but that’s fucked up.


Same shit different animals.


Looks like fun.


yup, if they eat it, and they arent endangered, fair game.


Why is it when I read about this, the first thing that pops into my head is this?


who are we to judge what people have been doing for centuries?

western civilization trying to indoctrinate their beliefs onto people that are doing it for food? GTFO

it’s akin to killing cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, etc., for beef, ham, and poultry. same shit, only with flippers.

if it’s for sport, then there’s some leeway to that…if they’re overpopulated, then sport it is. if they’re not on the endangered species list, then that’s o.k. too. it’s also akin to deer hunting and sport fishing. same shit.

such ignorance by the uneducated masses.


It isn’t okay to kill “beautiful” animals for food but these same bleeding hearts have no problem getting their homes fumigated when they’re infested. If animal life is so precious, why distinguish? I never see the “save the Dung Beetles” campaign. Fuck off.


i really pity the japs who ate whale meat for centuries :frowning: .


I don’t see the difference between whales\dolphins and beef\chicken here in the usa. Do you know how much beef we eat per year? its easily 10000x more than whale meat, I know that.

Perhaps you should start a petition to stop black people from eating chicken. If they continue @ this pace, they will eat every chicken on earth until chickens go extinct.


Animals shouldn’t be killed in such a cruel fashion. I have no problem with hunting for food, but if the only way you can hunt the meat of whales it to treat them this cruelly, then why eat whale meat? Eat something that CAN be killed in a humane fashion. There are plenty of options out there that don’t involve dragging still-live bodies along beaches with hooks.

For me the issue is not whether we utilise environmental resources, but how we go about doing it. There is a right way and there is a wrong way, and simply put, this is wrong.


They’re vikings so it’s cool. Like imagine some burly ass medieval viking killing a whale with his teeth and a battle axe. Awesome right?


My rebuttal: Educate yo self.

I’m not here to judge. I live in MI and folks hunt deer as a yearly tradition. Granted they aren’t driving hooks into the animals and herding them to their dooms but it’s a tradition around here and I’m not going to start a campaign to end it.

With the case of hunting any animals, as long as they aren’t being hunted to extinction and the hunt isn’t affecting the rest of habitat, I really can’t argue against it.

Killing animals for sport is in human culture. The only problem is that it’s been unregulated and we drive species to extinction. As long as we have a balance to keep stuff in check, I can’t be a hypocrite and cry foul to the whale killer when I love the taste of factory bred chicken.


the irony is that your character in the avatar protects whales too :S


Seems like a bit of a contradiction. Killing is still killing at the end of the day. I doubt the animal would be happy about the end result either way. Killing “humanely” is there only to help ease the minds of humans so they can feel alright about scoffing down a gigantic burger because “this animal died humanely.” Its funny watching people play these little games to make themselves feel better about doing something they morally object to but still love. They’ll do anything to justify it. Cute.


really? cause the first thing I thought of was [media=youtube]fwNvIM2W9Aw"[/media].

This isn’t even for sport. They are eating them, and they kill a relatively small number. If you have a problem with killing for food, then I have nothing I can say to you.


Misleading title.

I would helped if the Faroe islands had somehow gained sentience and were eating people or causing tsunamis.
Whaling is God’s punishment for the to fallen fish who forsook his word and ate from the mammalian tree.


So, if I go down to Faroe Islands during this event, can I eat all the whale and dolphin that I’d like?



Ironically, I’m eating leftover KFC…