Can you guys help me choose a character..?


I want to pick a character and actually stick with him through the good and the bad… Every few days i switch from characters because i start losing then i get discouraged… Basicly what im looking for is him/ her to have alot of options, good stamina and not too dificult to execute BnBs… If anyone have any suggestions please let me know


3 things
1- I have no idea what game your talking about
2- you sound like a scrub to begin with so of course your going to lose,
Stop blaming it on the characters, its you!! Stick to one or two
3. You also sound like you want everything easy, based on what kind of character your asking for. if you want a character with a lot of options and you wanna win just play an easier to use top tier character, ya lazy bum.


Whats with all the hostility bro I just asked a simple question. If you want to run some sets PM your gamertag and the game i’m talking about is AE.


Imo I would suggest Ryu or Fei Long, I feel that they up your fundamentals and are a gateway to learning other characters.


He’s not being hostile he is telling you the truth.

“him/ her to have alot of options, good stamina and not too dificult to execute BnBs”

That is Ryu.

  1. You didn’t say which game you were talking about

  2. We can’t help you pick a character. Just try them all and see what works for you. We get these threads ALL THE TIME, it gets annoying, and it’s possible a mod is going to come along and close it.


For AE?

Ryu or Oni. Depending on your level of skill.


Thanks for the input guys… I did some soul searching and found her on my own…


ok to change characters, just don’t switch a lot, you’re strategies’ll get mixed up, probably change after every 5 matches or so, or better just stick with less than 3


I bet you chose Juri right? :slight_smile:


He is being hostile. What he said was unnecessarily rude, and there are much better ways to put it.


He wasn’t blaming anything on any characters, he was asking who he should main and giving a general menu of what he wants in a character.

I think calling someone a scrub is a bit pretentious since generally the large majority of any FG community tends to suck. (You’re all scrubs when it comes to a long chain including myself.)

And @Rayk Who cares if he was “Telling the truth.” He was still a jerk about it, or are you both socially retarded? With that said.

Go with Ryu.


He really wasn’t being hostile. OP broke a major rule of properly getting help in the newbie dojo by not naming what game he is having problems with and what characters he uses. Then there is the fact that it doesn’t sound as if he wants to get better, just that he wants the game to be easy. In any such case there is a lot of people who flat out don’t give a shit about his problems in the event he wants the game to be easy. Third, in the event of such a way of thinking, it’s incredibly annoying when a new person comes in demanding a character on the level of Jinpachi in the first Tekken Tag, and an almighty “win game” button with said character. Next, the problem is OP, not his characters. Imagine if you are on a major league sports team in the NBA or NFL. If you don’t win a championship the first year you are on a team, would you switch to another team? No, you shouldn’t because winning championships takes time and you need to wait for that shit to develop. It doesn’t just happen, you have to work at it and commit to it. Same thing goes for street fighter. Any chump can pull 1000BP with any character but if you switch as soon as you lose all you’re doing is keeping yourself on day one scrub status. That said, it is fine to switch characters if you have a legitimate reason for doing so. Such as “My character has no good anti-airs” or “My character has stupidly low health” or “My character has jack shit for mixups and wake up options.”.
Switching characters just because “I lost once or twice with him/her” is the kinda shit that me, Yorkey, and in all honesty the rest of SRK in general, will call you a scrub for.

In any case suck it up, learn your damn characters strengths, weaknesses, ins and outs, actually put work into your game like the rest of us do and don’t demand a new character until you have a better reason than “I lost”. And seriously if you want hostility go hang out in General Discussion and ask these kinds of questions. I guarantee you that you will come back and look at Yorkey’s post and realize just how tame it is.

/end rant.