Can you guys please help me with a new movie?

hi, this is my last option cuz google just kept giving me links to the lord of the rings

but i saw this poster about a movie marketed as an offshoot of sorts by a producer? or a writer of the lord of the rings? it just looked like a sci fi adventure movie set with like… a knight or something… but it’s got the feel of the lord of the rings

anyway, please help me!!

that’s about all i’ve got to go with

it’s not the hobbit but yeah…

Peter Jackson’s Synthesis Knights


I THINK I know exactly what you’re talking about-- there’s one scene of a teenager in modern-day clothes dodging a multi-headed dragon or something-- but I don’t know the name of it either.

lol it’s not avatar… man synthesis knights sounded so promising but i googled NOTHING… ugh…

it had a really dungeons and dragons kind of feel to it… but darker. kinda like underworld but with a guy instead of the vampire girl

Van Helsing?

Apparently he is making the hobbit. So meh, you may have see the trailer or poster for it. Or, it could be that Percy Jackson and the Olympians nonsense.

Probably this one:

Seemed more like a Harry Potter type series, they even got the director of the first two movies

Are you talking about The Lighting Thief?


In the Name of the King? I heard it bombed because it looked almost 100% like a rip-off from LotR.