Can you have controllers hooked up to Xbox and PC at the same time?


Quick question. I just got my Kraylix cabinet in and was wondering if I could use a usb splitter or something of the sorts to have my controllers plugged into my xbox 360 and my pc at the same time.

Thanks for any help.


You’d need a USB switch, USB doesn’t work like that.


I had this same problem on my arcade. What I did is buy a KVM that is for switching from one computer to another with only one screen. It comes with 2 usb ports. One for a mouse and one for a keyboard. It also allows you to switch the sound from one computer to the other aswell as video usually over vga but there are other types.

I plugged in one controller into the mouse and one into the keyboard usb slots and it works perfectly. On the slot for the keyboard i put a usb splitter so i can also use my keyboard when I switch to my xbox.