Can you mod a 360 stick to work on ps2?

Okay I have a bunch of games for 360 and xbl arcade that’s why I wanna get a stick for 360 . But I have cvs2 for ps2 and I wanna play it on a stick two, its it possible? Can you send me a link? I’m thinking about getting a sf4se mad catz or wwe brawl stick because they are cheap which ones better?

I have personally found out that the WWEBrawlStick is better than the SFIV one as the parts where upgraded.
I’ve just ordered mine and will begin modding soon. But out of box there great, in the long run you can mod them and a very good beginning stick.

Yes, you can.
Dual Mod using PSX Controller.
Or Dual Mod with Multi-Console Cthulhu,

I was in the situation as you, I had a PS3 and CvS2 for PS2. I eventually modded my stick for use on both consoles.
You should research Dual Modding 101 (or something along those lines), It is an thread that can help out with this situation.
There are also ps1/2 to xbox 360 converters as well

If you have experience with a soldering iron, then yeah. It’s not too hard to dual mod an MC Cthulhu + Imp to a 360 Fightstick PCB. You end up with one stick that using modular cables, can work on many many consoles. Easily the best solution imo. Full guide here.

If you want the quick and easy route though, might be worth hunting down a nice PS2 stick and then you can simply use an xtokki converter. Only problem with this solution would be availability. I have no idea how hard it is to still find a good quality PS2 stick.

Thanks that converter link u sent me was gold!! But does my stick need to be modded to use it?

Nope. The converter takes a Playstation 2 controller input and outputs it to delicious 360ness. Simple as that.

Sup u ever heard of the mayflash stickps2ps3pc?
do you think that wouuld be easy to switch the buttons and stick to better parts?

See when you convert an Arcade stick from PS2 to Xbox 360/PS3 is there any lag interferences?
Or is it just as perfect?

I would dual mod your 360 stick with a te kitty, Install a neutrik port, and have somebody make you a ps2 cord.