Can you mod my Ps3 Mad Catz Tournament Joystick to work with xbox 360? North Cali

Looking for someone who can mod my te stick into dual systems so i can use it with the xbox 360 ofcourse ill pay you for your services please let me know, thanks

Josh Barnett can, considering he’s out of work on August 1st.

can you give me hes contact info please? thanks

Laugh Out SILENT!
Josh Barnett is MMA Fighter and Professional Wrestler.

Going against Fedor Emelianenko on 090801.
I guess that makes him out of job.

nope, he just tested positive for steroids. thats why imitrex was making a joke.

Fedor is # 1

BTW… Trading Post is that way ------>


lol… :slight_smile:

=) gota love srk! hehehe, anyone watching the forest vs silva fight? silva is gona beat hes ass bad…


Fail troll is… successful?

Heh. :bgrin:

Owned by asking him for hes contact info? come on dude i been watching mma for the past 10 years, there is a reason why i reply like that! and not private message him asking him for hes info, who got owned now? thats what i tough =)

Aww, we got owned ourselves.
What a Tricky kyo2k9.

Wow…just wow. lol.

sneaky sneaky sir [/SARCASAM]

and the hits jus keep on rollin…

akuma001 does great work but he’s on vacation right now. If you still need work done after he returns you should hit him up.