Can you mod wirless stick bundled with tekken?

just curious. my bro might buy one but i have never seen this in person so i dont know if it interchangeable with other parts: buttons, joystick, art template. thanks
also what parts does it come with and is it good stock or are there issues like the se?


technically speaking, you can mod anything.

but realistically, that stick it is possible but its a huuuuge pain in the ass to mod. That stick comes with stock hori buttons and stock hori stick, i found the stick to be pretty loose and have a large deadzone that i didnt like very much but it works fine. As for the buttons, they are pretty low quality build, i didnt mind the feel of them but two of the buttons stopped working after about a year of use for me. No pcb issues that i have encountered or know of either

i put an LS-33 and sanwa buttons in mine. there is a tutorial, floating around here somewhere

yeah, I’m pretty sure the buttons don’t have quick disconnects like HRAPs and MCZ sticks have. I think you’d have to do some soldering to change out the buttons on that tekken stick.

someone please correct me if I’m wrong

yup. they are soldered directly into a large pcb. Also im pretty sure the button holes arent just circles, they also have little metal tabs sticking out so you would have to dremel those down. Also to open it in the first place you need a tri-wing screwdriver and a few other issues that are pretty annoying. like i said, its definitely possible but it will be a pain in the ass

doesnt sound to fun

For the tri-wing screws, a small flathead screwdriver would work just fine, you just gotta find the right angle to get it wedged in the screw. I didn’t have too hard of a time modding mine, desoldering the buttons from the PCB is super easy and if you have a dremel or know someone with a dremel, grinding down the button hole tabs is a breeze. There’s a way to fit a JLF in there but I don’t remember how. The micro switches in the joystick are pretty good, but the restriction gate sucks. I replaced mine with a spare JLF gate, there’s a tutorial for that somewhere too.
But if you’re looking for a solderless mod or aren’t comfortable with power tools then yeah, this stick won’t be the best for that.

Modding the T6 isn’t really worth it unless you really like low profile arcade sticks and already have a dremel. Filing the button tabs by hand wouldn’t be very fun and if you wan’t to switch out the stick, you pretty much **need **a dremel or it will take a hell of a long time. Of course, there is always the option of a hybrid between the Hori and JLF but it isn’t very good in my opinion.

Can it be modded?

Is it easy?
Ah Heeeeeeeeeell naw.

Here you go.That’ll tell you pretty much everything about the T6.
The T6 was my 1st stick, back at the start of the year. I’ve modded it with a JLF, Seimitsu buttons, art. After all the tools, parts, and time I put into the thing, I had spent more money than a good stick would have cost me in the first place, but I had a foundation to start working on other things. I’ve modded others and now I’m starting on my 1st custom case. Had I bought a TE, I wouldn’t have learned or bought tools.
So, if you want a good stick out of the box, buy a TE or HRAP-SA. If you want something cheaper that’s easy to mod, get an SE or a Brawlstick (recently dropped to $59 on gamestop). If you want a stick that will take so much work and tools that by the time you get done with it you will love and hate it and have a new hobby, get a T6. Don’t pay much for it, though. I still consider mine a good purchase at $29 with the game, I wouldn’t go much higher. There’s also the new hori V3/VX that’s similar to the T6 but apparently a LOT easier to mod. The joystick is apparently improved too. They’re out on Amazon now for $55(ps3)/$65(360). With that out, you’d have to get the T6 pretty cheap for it to be worth it.