Can YOU name all the 56 characters in MvC2 (updated with Alpha 3)

I just stumbled upon this quiz and wanted to share.

For MvC2: I got 48/56… :sad:

For SFA3: I got 26/28… :sad:

For MvC2:

For SFA3:

For X-men VS Street Fighter (this one is hardcore):

For SF4 (this one is hardcore):

storm,sent,commando,magneto,cable,psy, who are the other 50 characters that you speak of???:confused::confused::confused:

thats cool. I did bad because I haven’t played in so long, but was fun anyways.

Here I go, breaths in “All 56 characters in Marvel vs Capcom 2”

but seriously I got 39/56… not bad I guess

woah Krazykone, you beat me by one point. I got 38

i got 31 but ive played marvel like 4 times in my life

They spelled Colossus and Sabretooth wrong.

47/56, it would have been 49 but they call Bonerine Alpha Wolverine and I misspelled Anarkaris.

this is easy. I used to do this shit while waiting on my food at restaurants.

Edit: Not so easy in 4 minutes since the original purpose of me being able to do this was to take my time. I had my own ways of remembering certain bulks of characters. Was able to get all 56 on my 3rd try after getting 55 twice

bone wolverine worked for me

Fuck I only got 51 in the time alloted. -_-

  1. I can’t spell.


I spent 3 minutes trying to figure out the name of the 2nd wolverine.

Got 55 twice before being able to get all 56

48 because Wolverine Alpha was a stupid name, and I also forgot Dan (some Saikyo Student I am).

53 in the time alotted

I got 41, not bad for my first time with a game I dont even really play I guess. I forgot how to spell Anakaris and I had no clue Marrow was even in the game. Forgot the name of the 2nd Wolverine too, but I know it wasnt “Alpha”. Everybody else just slipped my mind.

50/56. I would have had more time if I remembered how to spell Colossus and if I knew Bonerine was the accepted answer as opposed to Bone Claw Wolverine.

I missed: Guile, Servbot, Hayato, Iceman, Anakaris, and Jill.

I also missed Dr. B, but he’s all knowing and all forgiving.

Even his penis goes SNIKT.

i think i typed in like wolverine bone and it took it