Can YOU name all the 56 characters in MvC2 (updated with Alpha 3)

Anyway I thought of Iceman just as time expired last time.

goes back in

I only got 37 my first try.

After trying a few more times. I think at this point I can honestly say I can’t name them all within the allotted time combined with my poor typing skills. I kept getting stuck at 52/53 and going “Wait, who didn’t I name ye-”




missed Gief, Bison, BB Hood, Collosus, O Red and Sabretooth

Got them all except colossus. I have a feeling it is spelled wrong or something.

Yeah they spelled that and Sabretooth wrong.

Got all of them on my 2nd try. PRO-TIP: Don’t forget about the cactus. :smile:

I HAD this shit. They fucking misspelled Colossus. Fuck this guy.

No, that’s what I typed and it didn’t work.

I also typed Colossus about 15 times and completely forgot about Cap. America.

I ended up getting Colossus because I spelled his name wrong. Then I spent about 20 seconds staring at the name thinking, “That can’t be right…”

Same, I missed Amingo, Iceman and Spiral.


They had fuckin’ Colossus spelled wrong. Also, for some reason I forgot about Doom and Cammy.

Okay now I got 40 this time, ugh… everything just slipped my mind as soon as I started it :rofl:

40 here. That was fun but they seriously mispelled Colossus. :lame:

  1. I would have got more but I wasted too much time trying to fucking spell Collosus. It’s to Ls mothafucka!:confused:

Thought this was gonna be some Gamefaq’s shit. Not far off lol.


No, but I can name all 151 pokemon.


I got so mad when they misspelled Colossus. I had a hear time what to name Wolverine Bone.


I freakin’ missed Magneto…

33 But I play Marvel all the time :frowning:

Overall I got all the important (best) characters down, but I forgot useless shit like Felicia, Sonson, and Sakura


i was on a roll until it wouldnt take colossus

then i tried mispelling colossus in as many ways as i could and nothing


i havent seen that name butchered worse ever. threw me off my rhythm and wasted at least a minute.

54 here.

Also got screwed with Colossus, and for some reason, forgot about Omega Red :looney: