Can You Pick What Stage You Want to Fight On?


I’m always stuck on Guile’s stage when I’m fighting. Always! What gives. Is it because I always choose Ryu as 1P. Is there anyway to change what stage the little plane flys to?


If playing on mame you can use the “select background” or the “random stages” mame cheats.


There’s a system to which stage the game first selects when you first boot it up. I depends on which character you choose either on p1 or p2 side, I forget which.


I always smile when i get guile’s stage! That music just calms me n makes me want to land a double shoryuken on a whiffed flashkick :slight_smile:


If I’m gauging it right, it depends on who picks first. I played on Sunday, dude picked Ryu in P2 slot before I picked, and we were on Guile’s stage.


You are correct. Someone has already determined the order in which stages you’ll get depending on which character you pick, and it’s happens consistently. I forget where it is, or if it’s dependent on P1 or P2, but you can definitely pick the stage beforehand in a rather clunky way.


Well there is a ton of tables for the cpu character order. Dunno how many for each character, but the table is rather ridiculous and could support 16 stages if they wanted to do that.


The ordering you’re likely referring to is only for the savestate that GGPO uses.


Oh, I didn’t know that was GGPO specific. I didn’t know savestates affect stage selection like that.

So is the arcade version’s stage selection similarly designed? As in Player X picks character X then stage X will always be first?


Best way is to kill everyone off then the winner fights on their own stage.

When I pick dictator in the japanese arcade version Jamaica always is the 1st stage then USSR


There’s some sort of weighting to the algorithm for sure, I remember when I was messing with Claw in single player Gief would usually be first or second.