Can you play 2 players online on the same Xbox?

Hi all

When I have my good friend over, we play a lot of HD Remix. But the thing is, as you probably know, playing against the same player over and over tends to give you some undesired patterns in your gameplay - at least that’s the case for me. And my friend is new to SF, so he also wants to play others instead of getting raped by me all the time.

So we want to play online together on the same Xbox 360 - is this possible? We both have separate Live accounts, and I suppose that he could bring his on a memory card or just recover it via Live, and then sign on at my place. That way, we could both have the social aspect and the challenge of playing great players from around the world. Could I simply send him an invite from my account, and then have him join my lobby from his account on my box?

I know that it’s technically possible, several games already have the option as far as I know. If HDRemix can’t do this, how about we start a petition to get the feature included in SFIV? And perhaps even in the upcoming HD Remix patch?

Let me add to this - can you play 2 or more players at the same time?

yes hd remix has a 4 player battle mode

Are you saying that up to four players can play locally on one Xbox and have online players join? That’s what my question was about.

No. It only works with one signed in profile at a time. I took my profile over to SweetJohnnyV’s house. I was signed in on the same 360, he tried to invite me to the room and when I accepted we got a message saying that the invite was invalid because the player was on the same Xbox.

Lame I noes.

Thanks, megaman… That’s what I was fearing. I wonder why they made it like that? I think I’ll try mailing Capcom about it, not that I think it’ll do much good. Perhaps we’d have better luch with some sort of petition - you and I can’t be the only ones who want to do this, right?

Ya, you got me dude. I can understand for some games because it means implementing a split screen mode (which includes more work than you might imagine). But for a game where it’s the same view for each player? That’s so dumb.

I actually thought it was a Microsoft TCR (Technical Certification Requirement) for a while but sadly it’s not. This was the TCR I was thinking about before…

“TCR # 087 MPS Multiple Players on the Same Console
Requirement Multiple players on the same console must always join game sessions together. If the players cannot join together, the game must display a message explaining why they cannot join.”

Both profiles however DO NOT need to be Gold tier… So if it works with the game, you can just make a guest profile on your Xbox, you won’t need to subscribe to Gold.

“TCR # 124 MPS Guest Support
Requirement Games that support multiplayer play on Xbox LIVE with more than one player per console must allow guests to play.”

that would be good stuff :rofl:

Yea it would… i hope SF4 has it… but i doubt it.


how about you take turns playing… and if you want to play with him, then get off online multiplayer.