Can you play SF at a competitive level with a stick


Do you have to have a stick to be good a street fighter.


No. Fanatiq - I forgot how to spell it plays UMvC3 with a pad. I don’t know any other example. :3




Wolfkrone is also a pad player, so its definitely plausible to be a pad player and excel. Additionally 3d games lend themselves very well to pads so a fairly large section of those communities use them.


Wolfkrone, fanatiq, bp amoco, vangief.


This. Vangief, so godlike. If he can play Zangief that well on a pad, then you can do anything on a pad with enough dedication.


No. You have to put in the work to polish your skill set, and not be a complete dumbass, and learn to use your brain to figure out problems that you’re having in your matches.

Does driving an expensive and fast sports car make you a good driver? No. Same analogy applies here.


I agree but driving a $100k + car lands you the ladies at a much better rate than a Kia Rio will. Does the same ring true for using a stick / pad? If the ladies see you with your big, bad TE stick, do the panties literally fly off of them?


Only if you have the Hori VLX


If a saw a guy with a VLX I’d assume he was compensating for something.


Oh well obviously, he is compensating for the fact that he isn’t actually in an Arcade by playing with the most authentic stick possible.


Yo, VLX is freaking boss status!
Haters gonna hate! :arazz:

Play whatever you feel most comfortable with.
If you are seriously considering stick, then try before you buy.


Which pad would u guys say is the best?


I love me some sticks, but it matters how much time you spend in training mode, NOT the money you throw at accessories.


Recently started playing with a stick and while I am pretty much horrible I get more enjoyment out of it and it brings me back to the golden days of playing on an arcade machine.


Its funny because i used to play CVS2 at the arcade every day in my lunch break at work and got to the point where i was challenging and beating most people i played, 1 credit would last me my whole hour break.

That was 6 years ago and now im coming back to the fray and i absolutely stuck with a stick now, bigger combos send my hands into a panic and they just mash

Gotta get better, but one problem i have is my game identity crisis, i love SF4, SFxTekken and MVC3, dunno what to spend my time with lol


If anything, I imagine carrying around an arcade stick would act like a girl repellent. Walking around with a TE stick is a VERY good way to protect your virginity for the rest of your life. :rofl:


Some of us just aren’t aware.


Fighting games are made by their developers to be played on a stick (they started on the arcades).
You can get good with a a pad, no doubt about it, but you have to remember that fighting game motions are more naturally performed with your wrist than they are with your thumb. Everything feels more natural when you play fighting games with a stick.

Get used to playing on a stick and you’ll never feel like going back.


It actually helps quite a bit. Most of the notable fighting game players all have sticks: Valle, Wong, Wolfkrone, Ricky Ortiz etc. If you look at the one’s who don’t like Kayane, BurnyaBra, Sherry Jenix etc. they just don’t seem to place as consistently as those with sticks.

Soul Calibur seems to be the exception where being stickless is totally viable as proven by Kayane.